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Offline Issues For Red Pocket Users

Offline Issues For Red Pocket Users

We have received some inquiries about TickTalk going offline. After doing research, we found that the most likely culprit is due to a lack of cell service. 

As a reminder, if you are a Red Pocket user, you must either set up automatic recurring payments or manually make a payment every month so your TickTalk continues to have cellular service.

Refer to the image to see how you can login to your Red Pocket account and make a payment.

Link to Red Pocket

If the issue is not related to Red Pocket, please try one of the below:

  • Your child may have accidentally changed some of the default settings, including date, time, cellular settings, or APN settings, causing it to go offline. Please sync your watch to the T-Cloud from your TickTalk App > Settings.

    Once you’ve backed up your data, go to your watch Settings > System Reset to put your watch back to the default settings. To avoid this happening again, we recommend you login to your TickTalk App > Settings > Enable Watch Settings, and toggle Date and Time Settings, Cellular Data, and Airplane Mode OFF so your child cannot edit these from the watch.
  • If your APN settings were accidentally changed, please make sure it is on the Red Pocket APN and do not change the APN settings at any time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at Thank you!