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Using FaceTalk Video Calling from your TickTalk App My TickTalk

Using FaceTalk Video Calling from your TickTalk App

FaceTalk video calling was added to our smartwatches when our Co-Founder, who was traveling frequently for work, got the idea from her daughter who said she wished she could see her every night when they talked on the phone. She decided to add video calling to give peace of mind for not just her family, but yours too. So how does it work?

Make Video Calls from your TickTalk App

To use FaceTalk, simply open your TickTalk App, select the Phone Calls icon on the bottom navigation bar, and select FaceTalk to immediately video call your child.

Add up to 50 Contacts for Video Calling

Anyone who wants to video call with your TickTalk must download our free TickTalk app. All they need to do is enter your child’s watch TTID number (which you can find under your watch Settings > Pair), to be added as an Approved App User. You’ll receive a notification for anyone who requests to add your child and be able to set individual access levels for each contact.

3-Minute Time Limit for Video Calls

As an added safety precaution, we have a 3-minute limit for video calling to protect your watch from any battery surges and temperature changes. If you’d like to continue the conversation, simply begin another video call immediately after the 3-minutes are up.