Adventure Is Out There (Even if It’s Right Outside the Door)

September 01, 2020

Adventure Is Out There (Even if It’s Right Outside the Door)

We're on month seven of stay-at-home (which feels like month 57), we’re doing everything we can to make the best of the situation. This time, as unpredictable as it has been, has allowed us to appreciate our families that much more and strengthen our relationships. We aren't going to lie--its been difficult time learning to adapt to the ever changing moods, expectations and schedules (anyone else about to “Captain Fantastic” their kids to escape the endless online classes?)--but it’s also given us the opportunity to put our lives into perspective and reevaluate what matters most. 

As we’ve been navigating this time, we’ve stumbled across new adventures and one of our favorite pastimes has been embracing the outdoors with our littles ones. Our families have been spending evenings watching the sunset at local beaches, taking strolls around the neighborhood and enjoying morning hikes on the weekends. Exploring nature has been a great, inexpensive way to help our kids release some of their quarantine stress, get some Vitamin D and use up energy to prep for an early bedtime. Being outside has been a fun way to hit the reset button each day and make new memories as a family.

Our little ones have been loving using their TickTalk cameras to capture unique moments throughout the day--even if it means we’ve seen a picture of the same neighborhood cat about 25 times now (he has since been named Gary in case you were wondering). We hope you’re finding ways to enjoy this time with your family in what is sure to be an unforgettable year. 

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