Breaking News for Android App Users!

April 04, 2019

Breaking News for Android App Users!

The new Android TickTalk 3 App (Version: 1.1.2) has just been released. The main change is that we have now added in the notification features for Android cell phone users.

Now whenever you get a text or voice message or when your child is sending you a photo, you will get the notification on your cell phone immediately. So, you won’t miss a single message from your child. 

The new version comes with the optimized login experience and it solved some IM login failed issues. On top of that, we enhanced the protection of users' data privacy.

Please go to the Google Play Store, search TickTalk 3 and click UPDATE to install the latest version.

For some Android cell phone users, you may need to set it up manually. Follow this video, click Smart Manager => Battery => Unmonitored Apps, find TickTalk3 in the App list, return to Smart Manager, find Auto Run App and click Enter, then find TickTalk 3 from the list and switch it on.

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