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Explore The TickTalk 3: Smart IM System

Explore The TickTalk 3: Smart IM System My TickTalk

Our TickTalk 2.0 comes with a individual text and voice message center, but it can’t save history messages in the watch due to the limit of memory of the watch. And it won't show the sender’s name on the watch end.

The TickTalk 3 got a big progress and update to bring the most convenient and advanced smart Instant Message System. It allows users to receive and send voice, texts, emojis and photos through one IM Center. It’ll save all history messages and photos in both the App and the watch end. It shows the Sender’s profile image so it’s easy to recognize the person you’re talking to.

Besides that, it also allows the App users to create different chatting groups, you can chat with a different person in different groups or chat individually. Nothing could be better than this amazing user experience.