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Explore the TickTalk 3: Wi-Fi Connectivity

Explore the TickTalk 3: Wi-Fi Connectivity My TickTalk

TickTalk 3 is the most advanced smart phone watch with Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows the watch to connect to any Wi-Fi or hotspot, the same as your personal smart phone.

Technically, all the functions of the TickTalk 3 will work once it's connected to the Wi-Fi, including Calls, Texts, Voice, Locator, Sharing photos and more. TickTalk 3 also comes with a Wi-Fi and Video Call function, which can be used for voice or video calls without using cellular data. This will extremely cut your monthly plan to a lower rate.

The TickTalk 3 works with RED POCKET MOBILE which is a distributor of both AT&T and T-mobile. They provide more affordable PAY AS YOU GO plan for our customers, no contract. You can choose either AT&T or T-mobile's service from RED POCKET. We recommend the $10 monthly plan which is good to go. Of course, due to the 4G reception, you can add your TickTalk 3 to your family plan if you're already a T-mobile or AT&T user. Compare the rate to RED POCKET. If you have better deal from your existing carrier, you can simply go your family plan. Make sure it's a regular phone plan with text and data instead of any wearable, digits or tablet plan.