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Bored in the House? Here's 4 TickTalk Approved Quarantine Activities

Bored in the House? Here's 4 TickTalk Approved Quarantine Activities

We don’t know about you, but we’re having to get increasingly creative to keep our little ones occupied while stay-at-home orders continue. Attempting to limit television and video game consumption while also trying to redirect that energy in a productive manner can feel like a full-time job. We wanted to share some of these fun, quarantine-friendly activities we’ve tried for you to enjoy with your family!

  • Have you played the ABC game? Get the whole family involved for a scavenger hunt to share in your TickTalk Group Chat! Have your TickTalker start by finding something that starts with the letter “A” to send a photo in the Group Chat. The next family member finds something beginning with the letter “B,” sends a picture and so on. It promotes creativity and helps if your little one is practicing their reading skills!
  • Schedule a social distance storytime with your TickTalker’s grandparents, neighbors or someone they are missing! You can use the FaceChat feature for a seamless way to connect.
  • Make chores fun with scheduled reminders in Things to Do. Set a timer with the Stopwatch feature and make it a speed race! (Yes, this actually works!)
  • Encourage outdoor learning and an interest in nature! Go to your backyard or local park and have your little one take pictures with their TickTalk camera of their favorite things to keep as a memory!

We hope these activities can create some fun memories for you and your TickTalker! Follow us on @myTickTalk on all the major platforms to be the first to hear exciting news!