Snack Hacks from the Working Parents at TickTalk

August 18, 2020

Snack Hacks from the Working Parents at TickTalk

If your kids are anything like ours, they don’t understand the difference between “working from home” and “let’s play all day.” If you are a parent fortunate enough to be working during this unprecedented time, the start of the new school year can be an added source of stress. While working remotely can seem like a huge advantage to some, let’s be honest, we need help! The working moms here at TickTalk want to give you some tried and true tips that have been helpful to us!

Now that our kids are spending more time at home, we’re hearing “Can I have a snack?” more times a day than we can count. Switching gears between working and being their personal stay-at-home chef can be a challenge. Having pre-made snacks ready for them to grab has been a complete game changer. So from our families to yours, please enjoy! 

  • Fill 5-8 oz containers with their favorite fruits. My kids love their berry cups! 
  • Use lunch box divided compartments to pack celery or apples with peanut butter. A great source of protein! 
  • Prep graham crackers with their favorite yogurt for something sweet (and probiotic)!
  • Set aside pre-packed pretzels or veggie straws for quick grabbing!

Don’t forget to set “Drink Water” reminders on their TickTalk to keep them hydrated throughout the day! We hope these tips help your family as much as they’ve helped ours. Follow us on @myTickTalk on all the major platforms for more tips, tricks and help navigating the new normal!

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