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TickTalk 3 Battery Dying Too Fast? We have a Fix!

TickTalk 3 Battery Dying Too Fast? We have a Fix! My TickTalk

Recently, some users have been reaching out to us to let us know that the standby time of the TickTalk 3 is not sufficient. They are reporting that within just a few short hours the battery will completely drain. We understand this is a huge deal.

Our technician team worked with our manufacturers to test the battery consumption with both the 4G and Wi-Fi active on the watch. During the testing, the standby time was about 29 hours. The average power consumption per hour is around 23 mAh. Our battery capacity is 680 mAh

However, due to the unreliability of 4G signals in all areas around the country or the unstable Wi-Fi signal in some areas, the power consumption will be higher, because the internal software will keep searching for a signal to connect to the server, so it is possible that the battery will drain within a few hours.

It is recommended that you turn the Wi-Fi off when your child is at school and turn the Wi-Fi back on when your child is back home. This will help conserve the battery. We are currently exploring other ways to assist with the battery life. Our engineering team is working on a way to further reduce power consumption, it is set to be released in the next 30 days.

Our TickTalk 3 runs on an Android operating system and 4G network, so the power consumption is a lot more than the TickTalk 2.0.

To reduce the power consumption, please turn off the WiFi when you’re going outdoors, turn on the airplane mode when you’re on the plane.

This will help preserve the power.