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TickTalk 3 DND Mode

TickTalk 3 DND Mode My TickTalk

Does your child have difficulty staying focused and on a task? Still worried if the watch may distract your child in class? Let TickTalk 3 help.

Now you can preset up to 10 Do Not Disturb lists on the TickTalk 3. Once it’s under the Do Not Disturb Mode, it will block all calls, messages and alerts from making any sound or vibration on the watch.

The watch screen will also be locked which will avoid any distraction when you child is in class or doing homework. It allows you to set up the time and day for the Do Not Disturb mode.

The TickTalk 3 comes with 20 Things To-Do Reminders from 60 options, helps parents create routines and tasks for the child. It will show a cute icon with a ringtone or vibration on the watch end to remind the child it’s time to Do Homework, Organize their Backpack, Do the Laundry, Exercise plus more .

It’s a fun way for kids to follow their schedule, learn good habits and time management.

TickTalk 3 is more than just a watch!