Watch Us Test the TickTalk 3 WaterProof Abilities

February 07, 2019

Watch Us Test the TickTalk 3 WaterProof Abilities

Today we wanted to show you just how mighty our TickTalk 3 is. We know that kids can find themselves in a variety of interesting situations, so we made this latest version of our TickTalk IP67 waterproof.

In order to prove that our TickTalk 3 is in fact waterproof we are going to drop it into a bowl of water with our fish. We figured there may be at least one kid or parent that might attempt this at home.

We promise that the fish were unharmed in the making of this video. So now, let’s see if there are any issues.

As you can see the watch is still functioning well. This is just a test and we do not recommend that you swim or take a shower with your TickTalk. The IP67 will protect accidental water incidents. Please do not try this at home...