Why is My TickTalk 3 OFFLINE?

March 06, 2019

TickTalk offline

Many of our customers are questioning why their child's TickTalk 3 is showing that it is OFFLINE in the App. Here are some reasons why it may be OFFLINE.

1. Your child may have powered off their TickTalk 3.
2. The TickTalk 3 battery has died.
3. Your child is in an area that has poor or no cellular connection.
4. If it continues to remain OFFLINE it could be that you are running on the wrong cellular plan or your account has run out of minutes left on its' plan.

The biggest misconception that parents have is that their TickTalk 3 is defective.

If you have any questions send us a message or email us at support@myticktalk.com and one of our service representatives will gladly assist you.

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