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Why is My TickTalk OFFLINE?

Why is My TickTalk 3 OFFLINE?

Some of our customers have asked why their child's TickTalk is showing that it is OFFLINE in the App. Here are some reasons why your TickTalk may be OFFLINE:

  1. Your child may have powered off their TickTalk
  2. The TickTalk battery has died
  3. Your child is in an area with poor or no cellular connection
  4. If your TickTalk continues to remain OFFLINE, it could be that you are either on the wrong cellular plan or that your account has run out of data/minutes
  5. If you are not using a TickTalk Wireless SIM, please confirm that your APN is correct by selecting Edit APN (Note: Our smartwatches come preloaded with most global carrier’s APN settings. If you do not see your carrier’s APN, please select the + sign to create the APN based on your local carrier’s instructions)

If your TickTalk is offline, that does not mean it is defective and it can quickly and easily be brought back online. If you have any questions, please email us at support@myticktalk.com and we will gladly assist you in troubleshooting!