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Essential TickTalk 3 Updates Everyone Must Know!

Essential TickTalk 3 Updates Everyone Must Know! My TickTalk

Every TickTalk 3 that has been shipped and already received must get updated to the latest TickTalk 3 operating system (OS). We have made some major updates to help improve the user experience. Certain features, such as the back arrow button functionality, charging issues and issues with the battery % display has been improved. Please update the operating system as soon as you receive the watch! The first time set up will need to connect to the Wi-Fi to make the watch work properly. The latest operating system version should be TOS 2.5. Go Settings of the watch and click OS Update to check your latest version. 

The TickTalk 3 must be charged at least 30% and connected to WiFi to update the operating system.

Please note that since this is a new technologically advanced watch that acts as a cell phone we will continually release updates to improve the user experience and solve bugs. Much like your typical smartphone or computer operating system.

With the launch of the TickTalk 3 and App we have been getting emails and phone calls about certain issues that our TickTalk 3 users are experiencing. Some issues have already been resolved with the operating system update that was recently released. Our customer service department is working with our engineers to help find solutions for any other issues that are brought to our attention.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand your TickTalk 3 and the TickTalk 3 App:


TickTalk 3 Watch:

Why does my TickTalk 3 show that it is losing its’ charge quickly even after I fully charge it?

This was a bug that will get fixed once you update the operating system. It is actually still charged, however, the icon is showing that there is not a charge when there actually is.

Why won’t my TickTalk 3 charge or keep a charge?

This is most likely due to the charging cube you are using. We have found that the TickTalk 3 will not properly charge with an Apple issued charging cube that is typically used to charge an iPhone. Apple has created their cubes with a unique charging protection chip that is specific to Apple products, which is not compatible with the TickTalk 3.

We suggest that you use an android charging port or any other brand besides an Apple issued charging cube. You can also use your computer and/or laptop. This should fix the issue.

Why doesn’t my TickTalk’s Superhearing feature work as it should?

We have informed all TickTalk users to update the operating system on their TickTalk 3. We recently released an update. Once you update your TickTalk 3 this should fix this issue. If not, our engineering team will be working on new updates to the operating system daily with weekly updates. Continually check your TickTalk 3 for any updates.

The back arrow on the TickTalk 3 watch face does not always work. How can I fix this?

With the operating system update we have enlarged the back arrow just a bit to make it easier to respond to your touch. Since the watch face is small in comparison to most adult finger size we suggest you use your left small finger to try to touch the back arrow. We have also enabled the red button on the side of the watch to work as the back button in case the arrow does not respond to your touch.

I powered down my TickTalk 3 by pressing on both the silver and red button and it will not power up. Why?

You must only use the silver button to power down your TickTalk 3. If you press both the red and the silver button simultaneously to shut down the watch

TickTalk 3 App:

Why does the TickTalk 3 App give me the error message, “Failed to Register IM”?

The App will not recognize any email that uses a (.), (-) or any other special characters. Please use an email that does not contain any of those symbols.

If you have already used this type of email you must reach out to our customer service team so that we may unbound that email account from the TickTalk 3. You must then sign up with an email address that doe snot contain a special character.

We are aware of this issue. To offer a better user experience our engineering team is working on a way to allow for any type of email to work with our IM system. We will have an update for the operating system very soon to resolve this issue.

Refer to images to see the email format that the App will accept. Ex. not or