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Upgrade to TOS 3.9.7 My TickTalk

Upgrade to TOS 3.9.7

The new TOS 3.9.7 is now available, upgrade nowΒ to ensure that our watch is more inclusive.Β 

What's New?

- Customizable parent icons on the watch face;
- More accurate location;
- Battery sound quality on the watch end.


Many single parents and families in the LGBTQ community have often requested that we provide a way to remove or alter which parent icons show up on the watch face.

So, we have made the parent icons on the watch face customizable. If you don't set up "Dad" or "Mom" phone numbers in the App, the Dad or Mom icon will not show up on the watch end. You can choose to leave them both blank so that neither Mom or Dad icon appears on the watch end.

This is ideal if you want to remove both icons completely and just have your child use their contact list with all family members. If you input a number for Mom or Dad that icon will show up on the watch end.

We value all of our customer input, we make it a point to try our best to make improvements that will only make your TickTalk experience better.


Tips for Upgrade
Connect your TickTalk 3 to Wifi, make sure your watch has at least 30% of battery. Go to the Settings on the watch and click OS Update to upgrade your watch to the latest version.

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