Track your kids with a blue TickTalk, a smart watch designed to be a wrist phone for kids.  Parents can communicate with their kids by making phone calls, leaving voice mails, and sending text messages.  The GPS device lets parents know where they are in real time!

TickTalk 1.0 S Blue

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TickTalk is a wearable wrist phone and locator for kids 4-12 years old.  Parents can call, send text or voice messages, and locate their kids right from their phones after setting up APP.  This works as a real time GPS tracker, so you will always know the current location of your child.  This smartwatch also allows you to look at where your child has been in the past. It is the best one in the US market because we designed the interface and the APP in California for US market.


  • TOUCH SCREEN:This newest version of this smart watch comes with a high resolution touch panel, bigger icon design, touch and swipe to control, easy for kids.
  • PHONE CALLS:Two-way communication between your phone and the TickTalk. Up to 13 Contacts.
  • LOCATOR:The TickTalk uses WiFi + GPS + LBS 3-way locators to provide the accurate location information for indoors and outdoors. This GPS tracking device for kids will report their current location to the App and update on the map.
  • COMPATIBILITY:It works with all iPhones and Android cell phones. The TickTalk Sim is compatible with T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Ultra Mobile GSM SIM card. Can be added on your Family Plan.
  • 12-HOUR REGULAR TIME:The new TickTalk 1.0S is upgraded the time to 12-hour regular time instead of military time.
  • VOICE MESSAGES:A private chat room for you and your child.
  • SOS:If your child is in trouble, he/she can either touch the SOS icon on the screen or hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to call the preset phone number.
  • SUPER HEARING: When it's in use, the TickTalk will automatically call the preset Listener's phone number, the Listener can hear what's going on but the watch will be in silent mode. 
  • HISTORY TRACKER:TickTalk’s ability to track your kids isn’t limited to real time.  It keeps a history of where the child has gone while wearing the watch.  In case of an emergency, parents can playback the track history on the phone to see where their child has been.
  • FIREWALL:When the TickTalk firewall is ON, TickTalk can make or receive phone calls from the preset contacts ONLY.
  • BETTER PAY AS YOU GO PLAN: The TickTalk comes with a free GSM SIM Card ,no contract, it runs on T-mobile's network. Please follow the Sim Card Activation Instruction to activate the Sim Card. Your purchase does not include any credit in the SIM card, please credit the SIM card before using. We suggest the $9 monthly plan that includes 500 mins talk, unlimited text messages and 500MB of data. Please remember to REFILL before your current plan expires. *TIPS: Restart the watch after inserting the SIM card, the Sim needs to be refreshened for the first time activation. 
 You may be able to add a new line to your family plan in T-MOBILE if you are a T-Mobile user. Please ask T-mobile for more information. Make sure it’s a regular cell phone plan with data. The TickTalk is not compatible with the WEARABLE, TABLET or PAY AS YOU GO plan.

  • WARRANTY:We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase on defective hardware, excludes SIM card and carrier’s service.
  • SERVICE: We are the original manufacturer and located in California, so we can solve any problem once having your call and email.

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