Click below link to watch the video for step by step instructions on how to setup your TickTalk and App. 


1. Does TickTalk need a SIM card?

Yes, it needs a GSM Micro SIM card.

2. How much data flows does TickTalk use every month?

It consumes only about 100MB data flows every month. 

3. Does TickTalk work with Verizon service? 

No, it works with GSM network, like T-Mobile, Metro PCS. 

4. How can I get a cheaper service from carrier? 

a. The TickTalk comes with a free GSM SIM Card without any contracts and it runs on T-mobiles network. Follow the easy Online Activation Instructions to activate your Sim Card. Most of customers are using the special $9 per month plan. Please remember to REFILL before your current plan expires. You can set up auto recharge, it's a convenient way to never run out of minutes. 

b. T-mobile users: You may be able to add a new line to your family plan in T-MOBILE if you are a T-Mobile user. Please ask T-mobile for more information. Make sure it’s a regular cell phone plan with data. The TickTalk is not compatible with T-Mobile's WEARABLE, TABLET or PAY AS YOU GO plan.

*TIPS: Restart the watch after inserting the SIM card, the Sim needs to be refreshened for the first time activation. 

5. What difference between TickTalk and GizmoPal2 from Verizon? 

a. TickTalk has 13 contacts kids can call and receive call, but GizmoPal2 only has 4 contacts.
b. TickTalk has touch screen, easy to use. GizmoPal2 only has a digital display screen.
c. TickTalk’s size is smaller, perfect to kid’s wrist. GizmoPal2’s size is bigger than your imagination; it does not fit your little kid’s wrist well.

6. Is it waterproof?

TickTalk has built in water resistant technology, you cannot put it into the water, but it works for washing hands, rain, and sweat. 

7. How many contacts can I add to TickTalk?

In total you can add 13 contacts; the 3 main contacts on the home screen and 10 addition contacts trusted friends and family. 

8. Does TickTalk have to work with a regular cell phone together? Does work off of Bluetooth? 

No, TickTalk is an actual cell phone; you only need to use your cell phone to set up the contacts, other functions and to track it by the APP. 

9. Does your APP work on every phone?

The TickTalk’s APP works with all iOS and Android cell phones. 

10. How long does the battery last?

The standby up to 2 days and if you are on one continuous call usage time up is 3 hours. 

11. TickTalk is worn on the wrist so how does my child listen to the voice messages? Should my child put it close to his face?

TickTalk has a built in speaker to amplify the voice messages you receive, just like hands-free phone function. Child can raise the arm near the mouth to talk if the environment is not too noisy. 

12. I saw some kids wrist phones are 3G version. What are the differences between 2G and 3G versions?

Only the GPS locator and voice message will consume limited data. Since the 3G chip is bigger, the watch size will be much bigger than 2G version. Not fit for kid’s wrist. While the speed of 2G and 3G is only 1 second difference, but the 3G version has more power consumption.