Click below link to watch the video for step by step instructions on how to setup your TickTalk and App. 

TickTalk 1.0S: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4BKhujOE9s

TickTalk 2.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ammdQD5pEiU&t=180s


Does TickTalk need a SIM card?

Yes, it needs a GSM Micro SIM card.

Which carrier can I use in U.S.?

TickTalk can only work with T-Mobile or the carriers who run on T-Mobile's network.

Is the TickTalk watch unlocked?

Yes, it is. Technically, it can work all over the world on a 2G GSM network.

Does TickTalk work in other nations?

Yes, it does but you have to get a SIM card from a GSM carrier who has a 2G network.

Does TickTalk work in Europe?

Yes, it does. For example, you can purchase an EE or Vodafone SIM card for your TickTalk use. You may need to reset the APN settings to activate the service in Europe. Please send an email to support@myticktalk.com. Let us know the carrier’s name and we’ll give you a code to activate the service.

How much data does TickTalk use every month?

It consumes only about 100MB of data every month.

How much is the cellular cost monthly?

We recommend you using the SIM that comes with your TickTalk order. It’s a prepaid, no contract plan. Normally, the $5-$9 per month plan is good to go (the special $9 plan includes 500 minutes, unlimited text messages & 500 MB data)

If you are a T-Mobile user, you can add a new phone line with data to your family plan.

Is there any contract for the $9 plan?

No, there is not. It’s a prepaid plan. No contract or hidden fees. You can cancel service at any time.

Can I use a wearable plan?

No, you can’t use a wearable plan. TickTalk needs a regular phone plan with data.


I am a Verizon user, can I still use my phone to install the APP of TickTalk watch?

Yes, you can. The TickTalk watch is an independent cell phone, it does not matter which carriers the parents use but a Verizon SIM card will not work inside TickTalk. 

Can I know the coverage before I buy it since the T-Mobile coverage is not good in my area?

Yes, you can. Please visit the below link to check it out.

https://www.speedtalkmobile.com/pplans/mcarrier.aspx/coverageMap  (Choose GSM-T)


What's the difference between TickTalk and GizmoPal2 from Verizon?

1.TickTalk has 13 contacts, kids can make and receive calls, but GizmoPal2 only has 4 contacts.

2.TickTalk has touch screen, easy to use. GizmoPal2 only has a digital display screen.

3. TickTalk’s size is smaller, perfect for a kid’s wrist. GizmoPal2 is bigger than your imagination; it does not fit little kid’s wrist well.

Is it waterproof?

TickTalk is water resistant only. It can’t be placed in or under water but light splashing when washing hands, in the rain, or sweating is ok.

How many contacts can I add to TickTalk?

In total you can add 13 contacts; the 3 main contacts on the home screen and 10 addition trusted friends and family members.

Does TickTalk need to a regular cellphone together with it to work? Does it need Bluetooth to work?

No, TickTalk is an actual cell phone; you only need to use your cell phone to set up the contacts, other functions and to track it through the APP.

Does your APP work on every phone?

The TickTalk’s APP works with all iOS and Android cellphones.

How can I block unknown calls?

Turn on the FIREWALL in TickTalk’s APP, then only the preset contacts’ calls will come through.

Can I control who my child calls?

Turn on the FIREWALL in TickTalk’s APP, then only the preset contacts will be available for your child to call.

How long does the battery last?

The standby time is up to 2 days and if you are on one continuous call usage time up is 3 hours.

TickTalk is worn on the wrist. How can we listen to the voice messages?

TickTalk has a built in speaker to amplify the voice messages you receive, just like speaker phone function. Child can raise the arm near the mouth to talk if the environment is not too noisy.

What are the differences between 2G and 3G versions?

Only the GPS locator and voice message will consume limited data. Since the 3G chip is bigger, the watch size will be much bigger than a 2G version. Also the speed of 2G and 3G has only 1 second difference but the 3G version has more power consumption. 

Can I install the APP in my Windows phone?

No, you can’t. The APP is only compatible with Andriod and iOS system.

How can you protect my privacy regarding the SUPER HEARING function?

This function can be only used by the users who have the password to login the APP. Moreover, after you setup password, only you and users who have the password can login your APP. It’s important to choose a secure password that nobody knows.

Can I install APPs and games on the TickTalk watch?

No, you can not.

Can TickTalk be blocked during school time?

The TickTalk 2 has a DO NOT DISTURB function; after you turn on this function it will only be able to make emergency calls.


How long the band is?

It is about 7.5 inches.

Is there a compatible screen protector?

Yes, it comes with the watch in the packaging box.

Does TickTalk work world wide?

Yes, it does. You'll need a SIM card from a GSM carrier with a 2G network. You may need to reset the APN settings to activate the service outside of the US. Please send an email to support@myticktalk.com, let us know the carrier’s name and we’ll give you a code to activate the service.

Can I connect more than one TickTalk 2.0 watches in one APP?

Yes, you can. You are allowed to add multiple watches in one APP.