How It Works

Global Coverage

With 7 built-in universally unlocked frequency bands, TickTalk is compatible with GSM cellular carriers all over the world for increased coverage with better reception.

4G 3G 2G
B1/ 2100 B1/ 2100 B2/ 1900
B2/ 1900 B2/ 1900 B3/ 1800
B3/ 1800 B4/ 1700 B5/ 850
B4/ 1700 B5/ 850
B5/ 850
B7/ 2600
B40/ 2300 Compatibilities

Phone Calls

Make and receive 2-way voice and WiFi calls with your TickTalk.

Only approved contacts can call the watch when our secure Firewall is on, protecting your child from being contacted by unknown numbers.


With 2-way video calling, see friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Video call with two TickTalk watches or download the free TickTalk App on any phone to bring loved ones close, even if they are thousands of miles away.


With our high-quality 2MP camera, experience the world from your child's eyes.

Never miss a funny selfie, memorable moment, or a chance to be a part of their day.

Messaging Center

With over 60 pre-loaded text responses, voice messaging, photos, emojis, and GIFs, your child always has a way to connect with you, friends, and family.

Choose between individual or group messages and don't miss a chance to connect the whole family!

Customized Texts

Create up to 25 personalized preset text messages that fit your child's lifestyle best so they always have a response ready to go.

3-Way Locating

Always have peace of mind knowing your child is safe. Quickly locate your TickTalk with built-in WiFi, GPS, and LBS cellular tower smart tracking technology.

History Route

Easily track your child's movement history to know where they have been. You can also use to locate your TickTalk if it's misplaced.

Accuracy of the 3 locating modes:
WiFi: 100-500 ft
GPS: 10-100 ft
LBS: 100 ft-20 miles


Your child will learn better habits, independence, and time management skills with TickTalk!

Simple alarms, 50+ pre-programmed default reminders, and customizable alerts make it easier than ever to stay on task.

Store up to 20 reminders to set your child up for success early on!

Kid-Proof Durability

Designed by parents to stand up to bumps, drops, and oops. A front protecting edged case prevents cracked and scratched screens.

IP67 water resistance technology protects from minor splashes, accidental water exposure, and dust buildup.

Customizable Watch Faces

Personalize your TickTalk with switchable wallpapers, backgrounds, plus colorful wristbands to fit your child's style best.

Tick Talk 3.0 - kids watch


Keep your child focused by setting times to freeze the screen, turning it into a simple wristwatch, pausing all alerts and notifications to limit distractions.


Our accurate stopwatch with lap times and easy-to-use timer make exercising, learning, and every day activities into fun challenges to meet new goals.

Custom dialing pad that's easy to use on your kids watch phone


You choose to give your child access to the dial pad or not. When on, your child can dial any number from the watch. Turn off to only allow contact from approved numbers.

Tick Talk 3.0 can connect to wifi easily


Always stay connected with WiFi capability. All features work when connected to help you save data for when you need it most.

Monthly Plan

The TickTalk 3 comes with a free Red Pocket SIM card that offers the best deal for our users with a pay-as-you-go plan with no contract and zero activation fees.

Choose between AT&T or T-Mobile's network for great coverage at a lower price.

We recommend the $10 monthly plan which includes 500 minutes, 500 SMS texts, and 500MB data.

For more plan details, click here.

* Only for US customers

Add a Band

Customize your TickTalk by adding an extra band! Choose from multiple colorful woven nylon band options with adjustable hook and loop fasteners. The bands are removable, interchangable, and easy to clean!

Build your very own Tick Talk 3.0 kids watch