TickTalk 1.0S - Carriers

SpeedTalk (Recommended)

The TickTalk comes with a free SpeedTalk SIM Card without any contract. SpeedTalk service plans start as low as $5. So many of our customers go straight to a T-Mobile store and pay up to $70 for the wrong plans that don't work with our watches, like the incorrect "wearable" plan. But SpeedTalk uses T-Mobile networks so you get the same coverage. There is no reason to pay extra with T-Mobile! You can set up your plan online, in 5 minutes, with SpeedTalk. Please read the Quick Start Guide for more instructions on setting up your service plan with SpeedTalk. We do recommend a $9 special monthly plan from SpeedTalk. Please remember to REFILL before your current plan expires. You can set up auto recharge, it's a convenient way to never run out of minutes. 


If you’re already a T-mobile user, you can add a new line to your family plan making it more affordable. MAKE SURE YOUR T-MOBILE PLAN IS A REGULAR PHONE PLAN WITH AT LEAST 100MB DATA. ANY "PAY AS YOU GO", "WEARABLE","DIGITS" OR "TABLET" plan IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the TickTalk. If you purchase the wrong plan,; when you place your SIM into the watch, it'll say EMERGENCY, INVALID SIM or NO SERVICE. When you get the SIM card in T-mobile store, please ask the sales rep to put the SIM card into a regular cell phone to test if it can make calls, send text message and go online. This is to make sure you leave with a compatible SIM card that is activated, working meaning you have the correct plan.


The TickTalk watch comes with a SpeedTalk SIM. Please follow the activation instruction to activate the SIM and credit your account before using the watch. 

Insert the SIM and restart the watch to refresh the data. 



Rogers (No Longer Activating New Lines At This Time)


Movistar or Telcel


EE or Vodafone or O2





More Countries:

All of our TickTalk watches are sold unlocked and work with 2G service on GSM. This means that you can use our watches anywhere in the world so long as you have access to a local cellular provider that offers 2G on GSM. 

How to make the TickTalk work overseas?

Call your local providers, ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you still offer 2G service plans on GSM for my area?

  2. Do your 2G service plans support NITZ?(NITZ is a technology that allows our watches to have the correct time and date. This is VERY important and you won't be able to use our watches if they don't have NITZ on their plans.)

  3. What is your APN code so that I can activate my 2G on GSM device? (APN code: This is incredibly important for you to get from your provider once you are certain they have the correct service plans and you have set up an account with them. Contact us and give us the APN code they gave you so we can give you our special APN code that you can use to activate your watch to work in your country with that provider. It is as simple as sending a text message. But please remember that this is an important step because, without activating your watch with the correct APN code, it will not work.)

If you confirm your carrier has 2G GSM and NITZ service, please get a SIM card with correct monthly plan. It must be a regular phone plan with at least 100MB data monthly. The watch is not compatible with any wearable, digits or tablet plan. Then follow below steps to activate the watch. 

  1. Insert the SIM card and turn on the watch. If your watch is ON before you insert the SIM, please restart your watch. 

  2. You'll see your carrier's logo on the top right of the screen. Send APN,code# by text message from your personal cell phone to the phone number of the watch. *Use the APN code you get from your local carrier to replace the character "code" above. For example, the APN code for Mexico Telcel is "internet.itelcel.com", you should send the text message APN,internet.itelcel.com# from your cell phone to to the watch's phone number. Please use a regular way to send the text message instead of sending through the App.  

  3. You'll receive a text back send APN setting is ok.

  4. Wait 1-2 mins until you see a little G icon pops up next to the signal bars, you're all set. 

  5. Log in the App and set up all phone numbers, they'll be sync to the watch in a few seconds. Please make sure you can see the G icon when setting up the watch. Or it won't sync the phone numbers to the watch. 

  6. If you can't see the G icon pops up, find a good reception location such as outdoors, restart the watch and repeat above steps until the G pops up.  

  7. If you have set up all phone numbers in the App before you set up the APN settings, please re-input the numbers in the App and click SAVE.