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How To Keep Your TickTalk 4 Safe For Summer My TickTalk

How To Keep Your TickTalk 4 Safe For Summer

Summer is finally here! We know your child is just as excited as we are about beach days and family vacations. While TickTalk 4 is here to keep your family safe and connected this summer break, we wanted to share some tips before the summer fun begins! 

Avoid Getting Your TickTalk Wet

While your TickTalk 4 has IP67 water resistance to protect from minor splashes, spills, and hand washing, be sure to take off your TickTalk before any super wet activities like swimming, water balloon fights, or slip-n-slides to protect from water damage. Also be sure to double check that your back SIM lid is completely closed to avoid any water from getting inside your TickTalk. 

Don’t Wear Your TickTalk Too Tight

Long summer days = heat + sweat. If your child’s skin is getting sweaty or sticky, avoid any skin irritation by making sure their TickTalk isn’t too tight. We also recommend taking off your TickTalk from time to time to allow the skin to breathe. Not only will this help prevent skin irritation, but will also help reduce any build up on your smartwatch that can result in charging issues if the connectors on the charging plate are clogged. If your TickTalk does have any build up (it happens), you can easily clean by taking a Q-Tip with a small amount of alcohol and wiping clean. Be sure to use rubbing alcohol instead of water to kill any bacteria and germs. 🦠

We hope your summer is filled with (safe) fun! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at or send us a DM @myticktalk and we’d be happy to help.