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Voice & Wi-Fi Calling

Kids can make voice, and Wi-Fi calls to app users, other TickTalk watches, and approved contacts.

HD FaceTalk Video Calling

Enjoy HD video calls over WiFi or data via watch to app or watch to watch.

Parent App

The TickTalk app has undergone a total transformation, significantly enhancing user friendliness. It now provides more than 25 parental control options to ensure your child's safety and independence.

Secure Messaging

The Talk-To-Text functionality allows for preset text responses, voice messaging, and a rich library of photos, emojis, and GIFs.

Group Chat

TickTalk watch and app users can create group chats with family, and watch friends, enabling them to make voice and video calls, send messages, and exchange greeting cards.

3-Way Location Tracking

The advanced gps tracker provides pinpoint location tracking, allowing parents to know their child's whereabouts in real time.

SOS & 911 Shortcut Calling

The emergency calling features on these watches offers an added layer of security. Parents receive an immediate alert, including the current location once their child makes an SOS call or calls 911.

Free Streaming Music

Stream music, podcasts, and stories for free, powered by the iHeartRadio Family App. (*US customers only)

Battery Life

TickTalk has enhanced battery efficiency. The watch still delivers over 80 hours in tracking mode and lasts a full day with regular use. Its standby time remains up to 130 hours.

IP67 Water Resistant

Water resistant protection from minor splashes and spills.

Add Friends

Your child can easily add TickTalk friends to call, message, and video call. You'll receive a notification any time your child adds a friend with a TickTalk smartwatch to keep you in the loop.

5MP Camera

Kids can take high-resolution selfies with family and friends right from their wrist! They can send them to watch friends and app users in the messaging center.

Customizable Reminders

This feature aids in instilling discipline with customizable reminders, helping kids remember essential tasks.

Animated Greeting Card

Send fun and engaging greeting cards on special occasions with 3D animations via the watch to watch, watch to app, or app to watch.


Kids can monitor the duration it takes to complete a race with friends or time themselves individually. They have the option to save their timings to track their improvement over time.

Watch Timer

Kids can set alerts when a task should start or end. It helps manage and allocate time efficiently for various activities.


One of our features on the TickTalk is a calculator. We felt it was a great way to help kids easily calculate equations.

Activity Tracking

The integrated activity tracker on this kids watch motivates children to stay active and achieve daily step targets.


We offer 1GB of free cloud storage space. T-Cloud makes it possible to sync your data from your old TickTalk watch to your new watch. With T-Cloud, you can backup settings, photos, videos, and messages.

OTA Firmware Update

We provide OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates as needed, so our customers can remotely update the software on their TickTalk.


Kids can learn how to stay on a schedule by using the TickTalk calendar feature. Easily toggle between day or month view.


Committed to safeguarding children, our tech products are designed for protection, not exploitation. Our kids' smartwatch is certified by an FTC-approved COPPA Safe Harbor program, ensuring the highest standards of privacy protection for your child's information.

Customers Reviews

Amazing device. It's what any kid and teen would want and is all they need until they mature. If you care about safety and your young ones brain development. Purchasing this product should be a no-brainer. Do not waste time with other similar products with similar claims, they cannot compete or compare in anyway to this watch's performance.


We love TickTalk watches and the company. We have had versions 2, 3 and now 4 and they are constantly making improvements. The customer service has always been great to work with.


My kid's at the age where we want to keep tabs, but not ready to give a cellphone out. Just the idea that I can connect if I'm running late to pick her up from school is a huge plus. We also love the location tracking, and the firewall where we can keep out telemarketers.

Ashley Doe

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