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The safest kids smartwatch phone for ages 5-12. With no internet, games, or social media, TickTalk 4 has all the positives of a cell phone to keep your family connected without sacrificing peace of mind.

TickTalk 4 is a kids smart watch phone and childrens smartwatch with no internet no games and no social media

Features at a glance

Voice & Video

Safe In-App


20+ Parental

Free Streaming


2x 5MP Photo
& Video Cameras

Reminders &
Do Not Disturb

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone is a safe cell phone alternative with certification from the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act COPPA with no internet no games and no social media

Safe Cell Phone Alternative for Age 5+

We believe the tech products our children use should protect them, not exploit them. Certified by an FTC-approved Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor program, we give your family the safest kids smartwatch with industry-leading standards to safeguard your child's private information.

Everyone's Talking About TickTalk

Stay Connected

All communication between you, your child & up to 53 parent-approved contacts takes place in our TickTalk App to keep you in the driver’s seat of your child’s first (non) cell phone. With voice and video calling, safe in-app messaging & group chats, your child get all the positives of a smartphone while you get peace of mind.

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone has video calling voice calling and safe in-app messaging or safe texting alternative
TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone and kids smartwatch comes with parental control app with location tracking, GPS, block strangers features, approve contacts, parent approved contacts, 911 emergency kids phone and emergency SOS

Stay Safe

Always know your child is safe with these location tracking GPS smart watches for kids, Emergency SOS, 911 response & 20+ parental controls. With our TickTalk parent app, approve your child’s contacts, block unknown numbers & more to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Teach Great Habits

Give your child all the tools for success with Activity Tracker, 3D Reminders, Do Not Disturb Class Mode & more. With these kids’ smart watches with calling, they’ll get the freedom they crave while learning responsibility, time management, focus & encouragement to step away from the screen to live a healthier lifestyle.

TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone and kids smartwatches have reminders, Do Not Disturb class mode, activity tracker
TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phone and kids smartwatches have streaming music, kid-friendly music, IP67 water resistance, long lasting battery, durable, and photo and video cameras


They’ll love taking photos & videos using our 5MP Selfie & Snapshot cameras while listening to unlimited, free streaming music powered by iHeartRadio Family*. You’ll love knowing they have kid-tested durability with long lasting battery, IP67 water resistance & drop-proof, shock-proof technology.

*Only available for U.S. customers

Families Love TickTalk


Best Smart Watch Phone for Kids with Video Calling

Looking for a way to stay in contact with your kids who are too young for a cellphone? TickTalk 4G/LTE smart watch phones are made for kids ages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Designed by parents for children ages 5-12, TickTalk kids’ smart watch phones don't have internet, social media or games. Our smartwatch phone for kids allows you to call your child, video chat, send photos, text messages and track their location. Many parents who were searching for the best smartwatch phone for a 10-year-old found TickTalk to be the perfect choice. Because TickTalk kids’ smart watches with calling were built for kids ages 5-12 years they're made with heavy-duty materials for durability. They're also IP67 water resistance, drop-proof and shock-proof. Looking for smartwatch phone deals? The TickTalk bundle package gives you everything you need at a discounted price!

Secured/Encrypted End-to-End Individual & Group Chat Messaging

You can also have a secure group chat or an individual chat with your child via our kids’ smart watches. With TickTalk’s Secured/Encrypted end-to-end Individual & Group Chat messaging you can trust that your messages and group chats will be secure and private. This advanced encryption feature makes sure that no can read or edit the messages you send your child as they travel between your phone or device and your child’s TickTalk. Our Secured/Encrypted End-to-End Individual & Group Chat Messaging also ensures that no one will be able to read or modify your child’s messages.

Smart Watch Phone for Kids with GPS & Location Tracking

Being able to find out where your child is at any time is one of the main reasons most parents purchase a smart watch phone for their kid. Most of our customers are parents, and these parents have raved that TickTalk is the best child safety GPS tracker smart watch. With TickTalk's free Android and iOS compatible TickTalk app you can track and locate your child no matter where they are. Now you can track your child's location to find out if they're on the way home from school, or still playing in a friend's backyard. Being able to locate your child when they're away from home will bring you peace of mind and help keep them safe. The best kids GPS watch.

Smart Watch Phone with Free Streaming Music

Shopping for a kids' smart watch with free music? TickTalk offers free unlimited streaming music powered by iHeartRadio Family. Your child can enjoy kid-friendly songs, stories and podcasts for free! Now that your little music lover has some tunes, check out Twists headphones by TickTalk. These wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids are twistable, easy to clean and comfortable. This is the best kids phone watch.

Kid's Smart Watch Phone with Safety Features

Looking for a kid's smart watch with calling? TickTalk kids’ smart watch phones for kids have 2-way voice calling, HD video calling, Talk-To-Text, unlimited preset /customizable quick text responses and voice messages. We wanted to make our kids' smart watch phones for kids as safe as possible. That's why we added all the safety features we could think of. TickTalk kids’ smart watch emergency watches give you the ability to set Emergency SOS contacts, block unknown numbers, approve contacts, view call logs and SMS text requests and more! Our kid's smart watches are equipped with high-quality photo and video cameras. Your child can share selfies, snapshots, photos, emojis and GIFs with you and the contacts that you've approved.

Safest Smart Watch for Kids

Our goal has always been to keep you connected to your child and give you a way to make sure your is child safe when they're away from home. We know your kids will love all the special, fun features our kids’ smart watch phones have! If you have any questions about our smartwatch phones for kids, wireless Bluetooth headphones, TickTalk powerbase charging station or accessories feel free to contact us, we're always happy to help. This is the best smart watch for kids.

Best Kids' Smart Watch With GPS Tracking

With the TickTalk 4 kids' smart watch you will always know your child's exact location AND know where your child has been with historical tracking. And you can always get in immediate contact with your child via voice, video and text messaging. This is the best GPS watch for kids.

Inexpensive Kids' Smart Watch With GPS Tracking

The TickTalk 4 kids' smart watch has no contract, no hidden fees, just $9.99 a month. There is no activation fee, no cancellation fee, and family-friendly is included for free too!


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