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Connect More, Worry Less

Voice & FaceTalk Calls

TickTalk 5, a standalone 4G/LTE kids' cellular smartwatch, enables voice and video calls over WiFi or data. Designed for ease of use, it allows for instant calls with just a touch on the screen, ensuring seamless communication anytime, anywhere.

Beyond Hi and Hello

Top Kid's
Messaging System

The most expansive messaging experience in a kid’s smartwatch, choose from seamless Talk-To-Text, quick responses, voice recordings, emojis, GIFs, and even group chats, all with end-to-end encryption.

Melodies & Memories

Cultivating Joy
& Gratitude

Dive into a world of fun with free streaming music, podcasts, and stories through the iHeartRadio Family App (*US only), offering a rich mix of kid-friendly audio entertainment. The addition of e-greeting cards for special occasions, including birthdays and holidays, empowers children to express their feelings and gratitude towards friends and family, nurturing joyful growth and gratitude.

Organize & Inspire

Mastering Habits with Fun

This tool helps children build good habits and time management skills, allowing parents to set 20 personalized reminders with 59 engaging 3D options, making habit formation fun and interactive.

Precise Location Tracking

More Accurate,
More Assuring

TickTalk 5, enhanced with Google Maps, offers precise real-time tracking and historical route review, improving location accuracy by 20% for greater parental reassurance and child freedom balance.

Reimagined Parent App

Your Safety Command Center

Our enhanced TickTalk parent app, after months of optimization, now features a streamlined interface, real-time location tracking, historical route access, easy Trusted Contacts and SOS setup, Do Not Disturb mode, task reminders, simple family invites, and more…

Enhanced Durability

& Tough

Yes, it's built tough. Featuring IP67 water-resistant, shockproof, and dustproof capabilities, it withstands rough play.

TickTalk 5's unique ScreenSafe design enhances impact resistance, significantly reducing the risk of screen damage and meeting the demands of childhood adventures.

Wellness & Focus

Steps & Studies
in Harmony

TickTalk 5 fosters a healthy, active lifestyle with customized step tracking and engaging competitions. Its DND Mode minimizes distractions, promoting focus during learning to ensure a harmonious balance between physical activity and academic dedication.

Snap, Edit, Share

Memories with Lasting Power

TickTalk 5 enables kids to capture, edit, and share their moments with ease, thanks to its versatile selfie and video capabilities, including 16 unique filters. Its sleek design houses a powerful battery, providing full-day use and up to 100+ hours of standby time, ensuring that moments are always within reach.

Boosted Signal

Superior Reception & Advanced GPS

TickTalk 5, enhanced with unique SignalBooster technology, delivers unmatched signal coverage, significantly outperforming similar devices. It provides faster and more accurate location tracking, along with smoother communication, ensuring superior reliability for peace of mind and child freedom.

Leveled Up

Safety is at the Heart of TickTalk 5

TickTalk prioritizes security, allowing parents to effortlessly locate their child via the app and manage trusted contacts for added peace of mind. The SOS & call 911 feature allows quick emergency calls and sends instant location alerts to parents, reinforcing our deep commitment to safety.

Watch tOS 5.0 & App 5.0

User Experience

Discover the enhanced user interface of Watch tOS 5.0 and App 5.0, focusing on simplicity and efficiency. With T-Cloud's free 1GB backup, your watch settings, photos, videos, and messages are securely stored, ensuring peace of mind.

Network Connectivity 

TickTalk Wireless

At Ticktalk, we want to offer you the best connectivity possible for your watch.

  • From $9.99 per month plus tax
  • Best compatibility with your watch
  • Secure nationwide 4G network
  • Activate in minutes
  • No contracts, cancel at any time
  • No activation cancellation fees
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