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Who We Are?

TickTalk was created to solve a problem most parents of young children face today - wanting to know our children are safe without necessarily being ready to give them a cell phone. Founded by two parents and entrepreneurs who were experiencing this exact dilemma, we're guided by the idea that staying connected to our children shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing peace of mind.

Birth Of Innovation

Launched in 2016, TickTalk Tech delivered five generations of pioneering smartwatches to 300K+ families, embodying California's innovative spirit and commitment to safety.

Leading With Tech

TickTalk redefines safe kid-tech communication, advancing with in-house developed cutting-edge software and hardware. Committed to excellence, we enhance performance and user experience through continual, cost-free OS updates.

A Promise Of Support

Selecting TickTalk means joining a community with unparalleled support. Our devoted SoCal team ensures genuine, personalized assistance for every user.

Empowering Futures

Our TickTalk kids smartwatches equip families with more than connectivity; they ensure children delight in technology, cultivate good habits, and communicate securely - granting parents peace of mind.

Our Mission

We believe technology should give our kids the tools to be the best versions of themselves. We design our smartwatches to teach kids to have a healthy, non-reliant relationship with tech while encouraging real life connections.
We're proud of what we've accomplished and we look forward to sharing it with you. Welcome to the future of connecting!