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TickTalk 5 Awarded Best Products For Elementary Kids by Parents' Pick Awards! 
TickTalk 5 named the "Best Smartwatch for Kids Under 10!" Following the release of the new TickTalk 5, reviewers have already found this new smartwatch to be one of the best!
The TickTalk 5 Kids Cellular Smart Watch Phone is a game-changer in the world of kid-friendly wearables. In this review, we'll dive into the features of this impressive smartwatch.
Named one of the "Best Smartwatches for Kids" by The New York Times, TickTalk 4 is a more durable option than competitors with all the bells and whistles for kids.
Named the #1 Best Smartwatch for Kids, "Out of all the smartwatches & activity trackers featured within our article, the TickTalk 4 offers the most impressive collection of features that’ll appeal to both kids & their parents."
[TickTalk 4] may be the holy grail of kids' smartwatches. From a parent's perspective, this watch has fantastic lock-down features that ensure our child is safe. Internal features allow parents to curate the child's contact list and how they interact with approved contacts.
Included in the “Best Back-To-School Gadgets For Every Age,” TickTalk is great for parents who may not want to give their kids a smartphone with all the bells and whistles yet, but still want the safety and security of knowing they can get in touch with their kids.
Named one of the "Best Smartwatches for Kids" to give as a gift this holiday, TickTalk helps children at various ages and communication levels stay connected with family.
Named the "Best Smartwatch for kids with GPS" by TIME, TickTalk 4 is packed with plenty of features that will make it a favorite of parents and kids.
Named "Best Smartwatch for Kids," GPS location tracking allows you to know where your kids are at all times & with a 62-hour average battery life, you don’t have to worry about their watch dying while they’re out playing with friends.
Named the "Most Durable Smartwatch for Kids," Parenting Magazine "put this watch through the wringer, & it came away without so much as a scratch."
Named the "Best GPS Tracking Smartwatch For Kids," this feature rich watch includes many of the standard GPS functionalities, like emergency SOS, 911 response, & location tracking, [but also] doubles as a phone so parents & children can video call (or voice call) each other when needed.
Included in the "Best Ways To Keep Your Child Safe Online," your child will likely want a smartphone long before they’re ready. Rather than handing them over a $1,000 handset (because that’s just crazy), start with a training-wheels type device [like TickTalk 4].
Named one of the “Best Smartwatches According To Parents & Parenting Experts,” TickTalk 4 is the best option for keeping in touch with GPS tracking to keep your eye on your little one.
Named the "Most Durable Smartwatch for Kids," I was never afraid it would get broken like some of its more delicate competition. [My son] loved the design and thought it looked “tough.”
Giving parents peace of mind is TickTalk because all the cool kids are wearing one. This smart watch does more than tells time [by] combining video, [calling], secure messaging, free streaming music..& more into one simple device with a free parental control app.
Named one of the "Best Alternatives To A Phone," Parents are fans of TickTalk [because] kids aren’t restricted to just 10 contacts, but parents are still in charge of who they can call or text.
[TickTalk] features a GPS tracker and allows two-way phone calls between the watch and up to 53 contacts and messaging between the watch and the TickTalk app.
Named the #1 Smartwatch for Kids, "if your child wants tons of features, but you still want control of what they do, & with whom they connect, TickTalk 4 is your best option."
Named Editor's Choice on "The Best Smartwatches for Kids," TickTalk's "sturdy, water-resistant build that can keep up with the wear and tear of tween life, makes it definitely worthy of an 'add to cart.'"
Named one of the Best Smartwatch for Kids, [TickTalk] lets kids send text messages, voice messages, photos,, calling, and GPS tracking. The big screen is great for little hands, and the battery lasts a day.
Named one of "Back to School Essential Created by Moms & Dads" by KTLA, TickTalk 4 offers the perfect alternative to a cell phone without the distractions of social media and games.
TickTalk 4 is a solid smartwatch for young children because it limits them to approved contacts, it accurately tracks their location, & it can withstand the perils of day-to-day life.
Named one of the Best Budget Smartwatches, "[TickTalk 4 is] the perfect watch for kids...adding a sense of security for the parent & child. This smartwatch is the perfect tech product that teens & tweens will love."
Named one of the "Best Devices to Keep Track of your Kids." What sets this [device] apart is its camera, so users can make video calls and send photos and movies through text. There’s also a listen-in feature, allowing concerned parents to hear their child’s surroundings without their knowledge.
In Romper's "Best Cell Phones for Kids According to Experts," TickTalk 4 takes the prize of the "Best Smartwatch Designed Just For Kids."
Named one of the "Top 5 Smartwatches for Kids," keep an eye on your kids while giving them the freedom to have adventures of their own with [this] must-have smartwatch.
Named one of the "Best Smartwatches & Trackers for Kids," TickTalk 4 is a great way to stay in touch with your child no matter where they you that extra peace of mind that they are safe.
Named the "Best Smartwatch for Kids," it's one of those smartwatches that can do it all, so you get a ton of amazing features to offer a great experience overall.
Named by Guiding Tech in "5 Best Smartwatches for Kids You Must Buy," the mix of parental controls, solid build & fitness features make TickTalk a great buy.
Named one of the "Best Smartwatches of 2021," TickTalk 4 is outstanding for holding two-way conversations with kids via video chat & features voice messages, two-way texting, a selfie cam, & a child locator.
Named one of the "Best 5 GPS Tracking Devices," TickTalk 4 is a great "pre-cell phone" that works through the use of a parent app [that] allows messaging and video calling, and even has a step tracker.
Named one of the "Best Cell Phones For Checking In With Your Kiddos," TickTalk 4 is a great way to keep your kids safe without investing in a full-fledged cell phone [with] plenty of parental controls that’ll let you have more authority over what your child has access to.
Named one of the “Best Non Smartphones for 2023,” with features like emergency calling, calling, texting, and GPS tracking, [TickTalk] is a great option for kids who are on the go a lot.
A cellphone may be too much responsibility for kids [which] is where the TickTalk 4 comes in. This durable children’s watch has fun perks...however, what makes the watch special is that parents can always remain connected with their kids.