My TickTalk 3 is overheating. 

The working principle of our TickTalk3 is basically the same as our personal smart phones, with the smaller size of the watch, we can not avoid the overheating after you keep using it. We have added many heat insulation parts into the watch. Under normal circumstances, the maximum temperature will be 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you stop using the watch, temperature will drop down very quickly.

  1. The 4G version will consume much more power than the 2G version, If you enter a spot where the reception is not good, the CPU will keep searching for the signal which will generate heat.
  2. Video calls require constant uploading of data, so the CPU generates a lot of heat.
  3. Long-time use, such as talking, taking photos, sending messages, etc., will cause the CPU to generate a lot of heat.

We do recommend that you take off the watch if your child feels uncomfortable when the watch is over-heating. Stop using it for a while, the temperature will drop down very quickly.


My TickTalk 3 is unable to charge. 

Please check to make sure the 4 pins of the wire are completely touching the base of the charging pins on the watch and try again.


Why does the watch only shows one watch’s location when I click the multi-tracker icon?

If your children are close together or at the same location, the watch icons will overlap. Please zoom in on the map or use the single watch locator feature.


Why does the locator feature not work on my App?

Please sign out the app and sign in again. This will refresh the app.


Why I am unable to set up the watch via the APP?

Your watch may be offline, you can restart the watch, then put it next to the window and try again. The most important thing is to see the connection icon on the watch before setting it up via the App. If you have bad reception indoors, please connect the watch to the Wi-Fi then set up again through the App.


The watch is always offline I have bad reception at home, what can I do?

The TickTalk 3 comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity. Please set up the Wi-Fi connection for the watch. The watch will save and remember your preset Wi-Fi passwords, once your child returns back home, it will connect to your home Wi-Fi automatically. You don’t need to set up the Wi-Fi every time. Once it’s connected to the Wi-Fi, all features will still function the same.


The video call quality is not very clear.

If it’s at night or in a dark room, the quality of the image transmitted by the watch will be affected by light. Please use it in a well-lit environment.


The picture taken by the TickTalk 3 is not clear enough.

  1. Please be at least 15 inches away from the camera when you take a picture or selfie, the camera can’t focus if the object is too close to it.
  2. Do not shake the watch or wrist when shooting.
  3. Try to shoot in a well-lit environment.
  4. Keep the camera clean.