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Is TickTalk 4 waterproof? My TickTalk

Is TickTalk 4 waterproof?

TickTalk 4 comes with IP67 water resistance to protect from minor splashes and spills. While IP67 in a laboratory setting can allow for submersion in up to 1 meter of still water for 30 minutes, we do not recommend wearing the device when washing hands, bathing, swimming, or participating in other water-related activities due to the various water pressures within these categories. IP67 rating works best when the sealing ring on the protective outer casing has minimal damage. The variability of water resistance can be affected over time due to normal wear and tear along with exposure to different environments. Assuming your device is in good condition with no apparent damage or deformation to the sealing ring, and the back lid cover has not been improperly installed after inserting your SIM card, TickTalk 4 should not be damaged if it encounters splashing, rain, or if minor water exposure. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover from water exposure, but we do offer an Extended Warranty option to offer protection in the case water exposure does occur.