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Limited Access vs. Full Access contacts on TickTalk 4

Limited Access vs. Full Access contacts on TickTalk 4 My TickTalk

We know that not every contact needs full access to your child's location and safety settings. TickTalk allows you to set individual access levels for each individual contact only our TickTalk smartwatch through the TickTalk App. 

Once a contact has downloaded the TickTalk App and requested to pair to your child's TickTalk smartwatch, you'll receive a notification and be asked to approve along with grant them an access level.

Full Access Contacts: Great for parents & guardians

A contact with Full Access will have the exact same access as the Admin User including location tracking, Remote Answer, adding contacts, and editing settings. This access level is great for parents, guardians, siblings, or caregivers who need access to your child's location.

Limited Access Contacts: Best for friends, extended family & more

A contact with Limited Access will be able to contact your child using calling, messaging, and video calling, but won't be able to see your child's location or edit their settings. This access level is great for friends, extended family, classmates, babysitters, and anyone else you want your child to be able to message or call with. 

Watch our video to learn more about setting user access settings.