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5 Ways A Kid’s Smartwatch Will Improve Your Child’s Life My TickTalk

5 Ways A Kid’s Smartwatch Will Improve Your Child’s Life

We’re increasingly seeing the impact of smartphones on iGen with distracting features keeping them indoors and cutting them off from the real world. Studies show smartphones can lead to loneliness, less social support, and mental health issues amongst children. A kids smartwatch is the perfect alternative to a cell phone, keeping your child safe and connected without any of the dangers of a cell phone. Created to encourage a healthier relationship with technology, here’s how a kids smartwatch will help your child have a more positive outlook on life than with a smartphone.

Encourages Active Lifestyle

Studies found that 80% of children ages 11-17 aren’t as physically active as they should be. While a smartphone increases screen time, a kids smartwatch with an Activity Tracker is the perfect solution to encouraging a healthier, less sedentary lifestyle. A childrens smartwatch allows kids to track steps, meet daily step goals, and encourage their friends to get moving with the Step Championship all while cutting down screen time.

Eliminates Screen Time

Children are spending an average of 4-6 hours per day watching a screen and parents struggle with limited ways to accurately monitor screen time on a smartphone. A kids smartwatch leaves the what if’s behind with no social media, internet access, or games–just safe family connection–allowing your child to focus on real life relationships and giving you peace of mind knowing they have a smart device you can trust. 

Builds Confidence & Teaches Responsibility

Social media teaches our kids to compare themselves with unrealistic, perfectly curated expectations, having harmful effects on their self confidence. Unlike a smartphone, kid’s smartwatches are actually designed for kids, giving them the tools to be confident, independent children and eventually adults.  Set up to 20 reminders to teach them responsibility, giving them the confidence to tackle tasks on their own and build self-esteem. 

Prioritizes Family Connection

Where smartphones can pull kids away from real life relationships, a kids smartwatch encourages your little one to build strong personal relationships with family and friends. Keep long distance loved ones a phone call away or see them instantly using FaceTalk video calling. With a kid’s smartwatch, your child gets a safer texting experience with over 50 parent-approved contacts in our Secure Messaging Center with end-to-end encryption. Start group chats with the whole family and exchange photos, GIFs, and emojis one-on-one to keep the family connections strong.

Improves Social Skills

With only the features your child needs to stay safe and connected, a kids smartwatch is a great way to encourage your child to be social beyond the screen and build real life friendships. By stepping away from the virtual world, a kid’s smartwatch is a perfect pre-cell phone that gives them the tools to build social skills and lifelong friendships.

With parent-approved features to keep them safe, connected, and encourage a healthier lifestyle, a kids smartwatch is the perfect device that can help our little ones grow to have a positive outlook on life. We’d love to hear how our smartwatches have helped your family. DM us @myticktalk and we’ll include your story on our next blog!