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5 Ways To Protect Your Kid’s Digital Privacy

5 Ways To Protect Your Kid’s Digital Privacy

With children spending more time online than ever before, finding ways to keep them safe is essential. But with so many digital avenues and settings to navigate, knowing where to start can be difficult. Fortunately, teaching kids safe internet habits can be straightforward. Here are five ways to protect your kid’s digital privacy and ensure they have a healthy, safe relationship with technology. 

Set Clear Usage Guidelines

Some websites and applications are more secure than others. It’s important to know how your child spends their time on their devices so that you can set restrictions for what they can and can’t use. These restrictions keep your kids away from sites that could track their information. Make sure you communicate these restrictions to your child so that they know what you expect of them and why.

Switch Social Networks to Private

For social media outlets , you’ll also want to make sure that you adjust their settings to private. This will keep your kid’s information hidden from people outside their immediate circle, helping to protect your child’s digital privacy. While privacy settings can be difficult to find and a bit tedious to set, taking the time to do this is always worth it.

Maintain Open Communication

Put in the extra effort to maintain communication with your child. The more you know about their digital life, the more insight you’ll have into how to best protect your kid’s online privacy. If they feel comfortable confiding in you, you can identify potential threats and take action to mitigate your child’s interaction with these threats.

Create Complex Passwords

While passwords are great for security, certain phrases can be incredibly predictable. That’s why another effective way to protect your kid’s digital privacy is to ensure their passwords are complex. Teach your child to choose random phrases, symbols, and numbers to create stronger passwords. They should never pick anything that has to do with their personal information.

Pick Kid-Safe Devices

Above all, purchase devices designed with your child’s privacy in mind. There are several effective pieces of technology on the market that aim to lock out hackers and limit your child’s activity to safe sites. With the right gear, your child can have a more enriching digital experience, and you won’t need to worry about their protection.

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