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Reasons You’ll Love Having A Kids Smartwatch This Halloween My TickTalk

Reasons You’ll Love Having A Kids Smartwatch This Halloween

With a night filled with costumes, trick-or-treating, and fun, Halloween is a family favorite holiday. This year, make the night safe and memorable with a kids smartwatch phone! Giving your child more freedom without the dangers of a smartphone, here’s why a kids GPS smartwatch is a must-have that both kids and parents will love this Halloween!

Create Halloween Memories With Family 

The best part about Halloween is the costumes, of course! While Grandma and Grandpa may live far away, with a kid’s tracking watch they can join in on the festivities. With group chats and video calling, your child can instantly show off their costume with loved ones both near and far. With up to 53 parent-approved contacts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is only contacting people you trust (which is the greatest treat of all). Plus, a kids phone watch with cameras is perfect for taking fun selfies in their Halloween costume and saving as their home screen, creating lasting memories.

Track Steps While Trick-or-Treating

As doorbells start ringing with kiddos eager to collect treats, you’ll love that your child’s pre-cell phone encourages healthy habits. A kids smartwatch with an Activity Tracker encourages your child to reach daily step goals–make it a family affair for a healthy and fun Halloween activity! A kids wrist phone even comes with a Step Championship to compete for the bronze, silver, and gold medals for their neighborhood friends to join in on the fun.

Spooky Music & Stories 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Halloween playlist to get ready to or winding down after a night of fun with a story, our kids GPS smartwatches come with iHeartRadio Family* with thousands of free kid-friendly songs to choose from. Once your little one is done filling their bag, enjoy a night of screen-free spooky stories that will have everyone on the edge of their seat as you eat your treats. 

With Halloween right around the corner, a kids smartwatch phone is the perfect way to get the peace of mind you deserve. With all the features your child needs to stay connected and safe, you’ll love that your child’s first pre-cell phone is here to keep you worry-free all year round!

*iHeartRadio Family only for U.S customers