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The Importance of Protecting Your Kids Online My TickTalk

The Importance of Protecting Your Kids Online

The internet is a large part of the modern world, with ample places to research, learn new things, play games, and connect with other people. As such, it’s an exciting place that’s full of great opportunities for your child, and they’ll stop at nothing to spend time online alongside their friends. However, allowing your kids online comes with notable risks. So when you decide the time is right, there’s more to it than buying them a smart device. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of protecting your kids online and some ways to protect their digital footprint.

Limiting Exposure to Harmful Topics

While the internet has its share of funny cat videos and educational games for your child to browse, there are also ample areas that they shouldn’t explore. Websites with adult content and harmful subject matter shouldn’t be something on their radar. And social media platforms can be harmful for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, they may find themselves on such a site by complete accident. As such, taking measures to protect your child, like installing parental blocks on certain sites, can go a long way in keeping things age appropriate and friendly.

Reducing Your Child’s Risk

The importance of protecting your child online is also clear when you think about the potential risks. No one knows who they’re talking to behind a screen, much less your inexperienced child. Fortunately, you can help keep them safe by monitoring their screen time. Preventing them from using private internet chatrooms and encouraging them to only talk to people that they know can go a long way in keeping kids safe online. Likewise, providing them with internet-free devices to occupy their time will help reduce the amount of time they want to spend online.

Keeping You Informed

Staying aware of what children are doing doesn’t stop just because they’ve crossed into the digital world. One of the most important steps to take when protecting kids online is to monitor activity. Adopting an active role in your child’s internet usage will keep you informed of their activity. You’ll have the ability to see what they browse and what posts they’re making or writing. This way, you know exactly what is happening, and you can rest assured that your child is using their time safely. With adjustable parenting controls, you can even adjust accessibility settings as your child grows and you gain more confidence in their internet browsing practices.

At TickTalk, it’s important to us that children and parents alike feel safe when it comes to spending time online. That’s why we go the extra mile to keep you informed and ensure you have the knowledge to keep your child protected in this internet-driven world. Our kids’ smart watches are COPPA Safe Harbor Program certified, guaranteeing that your child is perfectly safe when using them. They have no internet access, making them the perfect pre-cellphone solution to get them used to using technology in their lives. Contact us to learn more about our GPS-enabled children’s smart watches and bundles today!