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Kids Say This Smartwatch Is The Best Gift They Got Last Year My TickTalk

Kids Say This Smartwatch Is The Best Gift They Got Last Year

“My daughter called it the best gift ever!” - Cecil, Trustpilot

We have the perfect gift that will have your child jumping with excitement as they open their very first pre-cell phone! While most of our kids want a smartphone, they aren’t designed for kids with unlimited internet access, social media, and games. Enter TickTalk 4! Kids smartwatches are a safe cell phone alternative designed with family in mind, making it the perfect gift this holiday season to give your child everything they want without compromising their safety or your peace of mind. Kids ages 5+ are raving about receiving a kids watch phone as a gift and here’s why!

The Perfect Cell Phone Compromise

Is a smartphone on your child’s holiday wish list this year? A kids wrist phone is the perfect compromise, allowing them to connect with friends and family with voice calling, video calling, and messaging, while you get to approve who they are communicating with in your free parental control app. Some kids' wrist phones (like ours!) use end-to-end encryption to make sure your child’s information stays secure with the highest level of protection.

“Purchased as a gift for our 9 year old son…We are very pleased with this purchase. It’s a great middle ground in the ‘I want a cell phone’ argument” - Natalie, Trustpilot

More Freedom, Less Worrying

Being independent is an essential skill we teach our children. TickTalk 4 kids smart watch phones give your child all the features they need, without having to deal with any of the dangers. Your child will love the freedom of being out with friends while you’ll love having a way to contact them with a smartwatch that stays attached to their wrist (meaning it’s very hard for them to lose unlike a smartphone 😉).

“Bought as a Christmas gift for our 9 year old and he loves it! Provides a source of new independence as we allow him to bike to friends' houses or go to the park as long as he calls / texts us when he arrives and leaves to let us know he is safe. He loves connecting with his grandparents and friends as well through this easy-to-use, fun watch!” - Cynthia, Trustpilot

Unlimited Free Streaming Music*

Kids wrist phones allow your child to rock out to their favorite kid-friendly songs without having to worry about inappropriate lyrics or swear words. Along with the hottest songs, kids smartwatches like TickTalk 4 have hundreds of age appropriate podcasts the whole family can enjoy. The best part? You get to decide how much or if they can use the feature at all with daily music limits.

It's everything that we could ask for and more! We are so impressed with it and love it so much! My son thinks the watch looks cool and he loves the free radio and podcast!” - Jent, Trustpilot

*iHeartRadio Family only available for U.S. customers

Have Fun While Creating Great Habits

While your child gets to stay connected to their friends, they’ll also build habits that will last a lifetime. A kids wrist phone with an Activity Tracker encourages your child to be active by tracking their steps. Your child can even gamify being healthy by competing with their friends this holiday break to win the bronze, silver, and gold medals in the Step Championship. A kids phone watch also helps establish routine and allows your child to become more independent (you can thank us later 😉) with reminders to help them stay on track after the holiday season. A kids wrist phone can even help younger kiddo’s learning and reading abilities with Talk-To-Text dictation messaging! They’ll love learning how to read and spell while also encouraging appropriate language through a dictation filter that blocks out words they shouldn’t be using.

“I love that I can set reminders because my daughter does well with routines. She loves taking pictures on [her smartwatch] and meeting her daily step goal. Great watch!” - Brandy, Trustpilot

This holiday season, get your child the #1 smartwatch for kids as raved about by Forbes, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, and more. Plus, give yourself the gift of peace of mind and be done searching for something the whole family will benefit from. With a durable, fun design and endless personalization, your child will love showing all their friends the kids smartwatch phone they got as a gift this Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or birthday!