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8 Reasons A Kids Smartwatch Is Safer Than A Smartphone My TickTalk

8 Reasons A Kids Smartwatch Is Safer Than A Smartphone

The holidays are here and if your child has already started asking for a cell phone, we have the perfect solution. As parents, we’re facing the same dilemma–finding a way to connect with our kids without compromising safety or peace of mind. A kids smartwatch is the perfect gift that will give your child the freedom they crave with none of the dangers of a cell phone. Read on to find out why a kids smart watch phone is the best gift for kids this Christmas!

Goes Where They Go

If you have kids, you know they have a magical power to lose anything. A cell phone is bulky and has to be placed in a pocket or backpack, making them very easy to be misplaced or lost. A kids tracking watch stays on your child all day by being safely secured to their wrist, going wherever they go. Did they happen to take it off? Instantly find your child’s location (or your smartwatches) with GPS tracking in our free parental control app.

No Distractions

Smartphones come packed with unlimited screen time, apps, and unmonitored content, but a kids wrist phone removes distractions so your child can focus on what’s important–like connecting with family. With no social media, internet, or games, your child gets all the features they need to stay connected without having to worry about the dangers of being online. The best part is that you have the option to limit or disable features that may be distracting in your parental control app, making it the perfect gift for kids (and you) this holiday or birthday.  

A Healthier Relationship With Technology

39% of children say they cannot live without their cell phone 😦 It’s important to encourage a healthy balance with technology early on, making a kids watch phone a great way to start a positive relationship between your child and tech. A kids phone watch satisfies your little one’s need for a smart device without them developing an unhealthy attachment to technology. A kids smartwatch is an age-appropriate device, packed with messaging, voice calling, video calling, and more to give them the tools to connect without creating an overreliance on technology.

A Cell Phone With Training Wheels

If you have kids, you know how resourceful they can be. While cell phones can attempt to limit features, ban social media, and set screen time boundaries, many kids can find a way around this through third party apps, hacking the family passcode, and more. Without internet access, games, or social media, a children's watch phone keeps your child safe while you stay in control of your child’s first non-cell phone with over 20 parental controls

Teaches Healthy Habits

You want your child’s pre-cell phone to help them develop lifelong habits including independence. A kids phone watch sets children up for success at an early age with 3D Reminders to make learning responsibility fun and even help build their self esteem. A kids watch phone promotes focus with Do Not Disturb mode to limit distractions and help them excel at the task at hand.

Encourages Kids To Be Active

With obesity affecting almost 20% of children today, it’s important to choose a gift for your child that promotes physical activity and healthy habits. Unlike a smartphone that can keep kids eyes glued to a screen, a kids tracking watch with an Activity Tracker encourages them to hit their step goals, which can lower stress and help attention spans. A kids smartwatch even encourages friends to compete in the Step Championship to see who wins the bronze, silver, and gold for the perfect after-school or recess activity! 

You Decide Who Contacts Your Child

30% of children have texted a stranger and with open texting, anything or anyone can get through. With a kids smartwatch, you get full control. Any contacts who wants to message or call your child must be approved and given an access level to ensure your child is only being contacted by trusted friends and family. 

Keeps Children Safe

Parents spend over 5 hours per day worrying about their child. A kids smartwatch is the perfect tech gift for kids that keeps your child safe and helps you worry less with features like Emergency SOS, 911 response, Parent Shortcut Dial Contacts, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and the ability to block strangers. Besides being actually designed for kids with family in mind, these are just some of the reasons a kids wrist phone is a safer alternative for kids than a cell phone.

A kids smartwatch with child safety at the core of our design is a gift your child will be excited to open this Christmas, birthday, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa! If you’ve been looking for a safe way to stay connected, get peace of mind, and know your child is safe, order yours today.