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Setting Daily Music Limits & Data Restrictions on Your TickTalk 4 My TickTalk

Setting Daily Music Limits & Data Restrictions on Your TickTalk 4

*iHeartRadio Family only available for U.S. customers at this time*

We’ve been listening to our young #TickTalker feedback on what features they’d like to see in their favorite smartwatch. With iHeartRadio Family, we were able to add a fun feature for kids while still offering parental controls to make it work best for your family. So how does it work?

Thousands of kid-friendly songs, podcasts & stories at no extra cost

We integrated with iHeartRadio Family to allow our customers to listen to endless hours of songs, podcasts, and bedtime stories made just for kids. Simply select the playlist or channel you want to listen to and your child can enjoy all the music they want at no extra charge.

Set Daily Music Limits or disable iHeartRadio from your TickTalk App

We give our customers the ability to use our features, but to make it work best for your family. That’s why we added daily music limits to allow you to decide how much music is enough for your child. Select your Settings in your TickTalk App, select Music & Usage Limits, and enter how many minutes or hours you’d like to allow your child to use this feature.

Set data usage limits from your TickTalk App

You can choose to allow your child to only listen to iHeartRadio Family when under Wi-Fi to keep your data for when you need it most by selecting your TickTalk App Settings > Music & Usage Limits. That’s the best part about TickTalk--it’s up to you on what works best for your family. 

Disable iHeartRadio Family from your TickTalk App

If you prefer that your child doesn't listen to music, you can completely disable the feature by toggling the top right button off.

Not available outside of the United States

Due to iHeartRadio Family’s terms of integration, we can only offer streaming music to U.S. customers at this time. We will keep our customers informed if anything changes in their integration terms and we are able to offer to all our international customers as well.

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