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How does messaging work on my TickTalk 4? My TickTalk

How does messaging work on my TickTalk 4?

All messaging and video calling takes place between our free parental control app and your TickTalk 4 to offer the highest level of protection of your child’s data. So how does it work?

➡️ Anyone who wants to use our Secure Messaging Center and FaceTalk video calling must download our free parental control app to block any unapproved contacts from messaging or calling your child

➡️ You grant access levels of up to 53 parent-approved contacts. Give someone Full Access to access the same features as you including locating and settings or give them Limited Access to only grant access to video calling & messaging

➡️ Have a contact you want to add that doesn’t have access to internet? Simply add them as a contact in your TickTalk and your child can still call them using voice & Wi-Fi calling!

With end-to-end encryption, 24/7 security over our backend, secured cloud service, and in-app messaging, we can guarantee the safest smartwatch for your child. Watch our video for more information on granting individual access levels.

Need more help? Our team is available to help you with any questions Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM PST. Be sure to follow us @myticktalk to be the first to hear our latest news!