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The Best Gift Parents & Kids Love This Holiday My TickTalk

The Best Gift Parents & Kids Love This Holiday

Searching for the perfect gift to give our kids every Christmas, birthday, and holiday can be stressful. We want to give them something they’ll love, a gift that they’ll use for longer than a day, and also a gift that benefits them. If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for kids this holiday, look no further! 

TickTalk 4 smartwatches are the best selling gift that both kids and parents are raving about this holiday season. With all the positives of a smartphone, you get a gift that both child and parent-approved! Read on to find out why this smartwatch should be under your tree this year.

The Best Pre-Cell Phone For Kids

If your child has started begging for a cell phone, a kids smart watch phone is a perfect compromise! They get all the features to stay connected to family, take photos and videos, listen to the hottest songs*, and video call with friends, while you get peace of mind knowing they don’t have internet access, social media, or games. 

Keep Your Family Safely Connected

With voice calling, video calling, messaging, and group chats, your child can stay in touch with loved ones. Parents can approve up to 53 trusted contacts to communicate with your child and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about who your child is talking to. Your child can safely send preset responses, custom dictated Talk-To-Text messages, photos, GIFs, emojis, and more with parent-approved contacts. With a secure Firewall to block any unknown numbers, your child is safeguarded from talking to strangers or random people online. 

A Gift For Kids That Keeps Them Safe

If you’ve been Googling the “Best Gift For Kids,” “The Best Gift For Kids Who Have Everything,” or kid’s holiday gift guides, you’re in the right spot. Unlike other kids toys for Christmas, a kids tracking watch lets you know your child is safe with features like GPS location tracking, 911 response, Emergency SOS, and 20+ parental controls

Screen Time Free

The best tech gifts for kids this holiday are fun, but can end up with your child spending too much time on screens. Luckily, with a kids wrist phone, your child gets all the features to keep them connected (while having fun!) without games or internet access. With free streaming kid-friendly music and podcasts*, Activity Tracker with daily step goals, 2x 5MP photo and video cameras, your child gets to have fun without being glued to the screen. Plus, with Do Not Disturb Mode, parents can schedule times to pause all features on their smart watch for kids, except for Emergency SOS calling, to encourage their child to focus. 

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind while your child gets one of the best tech gifts for kids with a kids smartwatch phone. Your child will love unwrapping a kids wrist phone this Christmas while getting all the tools to develop a healthy relationship with technology. Happy holidays!