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The Safest Smartwatch for Kids My TickTalk

The Safest Smartwatch for Kids

Looking to stay connected with your child without getting them a cell phone as they head back to school? With all the features of a smartphone, but designed specifically for kids with no internet, games, or social media, a kids smart phone watch is a great compromise to know your child is safe without sacrificing peace of mind. So how can a children’s smart watch phone improve your family's life this school year?  

A Safe Cell Phone Alternative for Kids

Designed by parents, for families just like yours! With more parental controls than any smartphone, give your child the freedom they crave this school year while you get peace of mind. Approve your child’s contacts, block unknown numbers from calling your child, view your watch call logs, and even disable features altogether--all from the palm of your hand. The best part about a kids wrist phone is that they keep you in control and allow you to personalize your child’s smartwatch phone to benefit your family best.

Know They Are Safe with Location Tracking

With 3-way smart location tracking, easily see your child’s location directly from your parent app. Check in on them as they play at the playground or know they’re safe as they ride bikes around the neighborhood with GPS, Wi-Fi or cellular tower location on their kids tracking watch. Even use History Routes to see your kids GPS watch's past locations over a duration of time!

Get Help ASAP with Emergency SOS 

If your child is out playing and gets scared, hurt, or just wants to talk to you, they can hold down the red button and their TickTalk kids smart watch phone will automatically call your Emergency SOS contact. Missed the call? Don’t worry--your childrens phone watch will automatically call the next 2 numbers you have stored as your Shortcut Dial Contacts to make sure your child gets the help they need. 

Call 911 for Emergency Response

A feature we never hope you’ll have to use, but necessary to have. In case of an emergency, your child can immediately call your local 911 dispatch by pushing the silver button once and the red button twice on their kids tracking watch.

Stay Connected With Loved Ones 

No matter where you live, your child will love all the ways to connect with the people who matter most (including you!) on their childrens phone watch. With video calling and voice calling, you can connect with your child 24/7, start group chats with classmates, or send one-on-one messages with GIFs, emojis, photos, and more with 50+ parent-approved contacts. With end-to-end encryption, you can feel better knowing your child’s personal information is protected at the highest level. 

Encourage Them To Get Outside (& Away from the Screens)

The school year is here and it's time to step away from the screens for a much deserved mental health break. Set daily step goals for your kids phone watch from your parent app and get your little one excited to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Track steps as a family on your weekend hikes or even compete with TickTalk friends in the Step Championship to earn the gold, silver, or bronze medal to make being active a fun new activity! 

Find Your New Favorite Song with iHeartRadio Family*

Get access to thousands of kid-friendly songs, podcasts, and stories on your phone watch for kids at no extra cost with iHeartRadio Family! Choose from tons of different channels to find your school year anthem with kid-safe volume levels on our Twists Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, learn something new together as a family with podcasts, or help make your road trip memorable with fun stories.
*iHeartRadio Family only available for U.S. customers 

This school year, keep your little one safe and stay together even when you’re apart with the best selling smartwatch trusted by over 230,000 families worldwide. Get $10 off any TickTalk 4 order by using code HELLO10 and start connecting safely!

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