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Why were Reminders added to TickTalk? My TickTalk

Why were Reminders added to TickTalk?

Our customer-favorite Reminders feature was added to our smartwatches after one of our co-founders got the idea from her daughter. 

Balancing family and being an entrepreneur, our co-founder would come home to find that her daughter left her toys all over the house. As she repeated her nightly post-work routine of cleaning up her daughter’s toys, she wished there was a way to remind her daughter before she got home, knowing she would never read a note in the kitchen or remember if she told her in the morning.

She decided to add a Reminders feature onto our kids smartwatch phone with reminders to do everything from homework to finishing their chores to feeding the family pet to, you guessed it, cleaning up their toys. She knew that if she would like this feature, other families could benefit too.

When you choose TickTalk, you can know that every feature on our smartwatches is added in connection to a personal story. Either from our founders who started TickTalk to stay connected with their young daughter, our team members who are parents of kids of all ages, or directly from our customers. When you choose TickTalk, you become a part of our TickTalk family. Be sure to follow us @myticktalk to get the latest news and scoops! 

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