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Why Does TickTalk Have Video Calling? My TickTalk

Why Does TickTalk Have Video Calling?

FaceTalk video calling was added to our watches after one of our co-founders got the idea from her daughter.

Traveling frequently for work, our co-founder made it a priority to speak with her daughter multiple times a day when they were apart. After her daughter said she wished she could see her when they talked, she decided to add video calling to TickTalk. Despite multiple hurdles to add video calling to such a small watch while still offering video quality and limited battery consumption, she persisted until it was added because she knew other families who can’t be together every day could benefit too.

When you choose TickTalk, you can know that very feature on our watch has a personal story. Either from our founders who started TickTalk as a way to connect with their daughter, our team members who are parents to children of all ages, or directly from our customers.

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