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How do contacts message the watch? My TickTalk

How do contacts message the watch?

All contacts who wish to message or video call the watch must download the free TickTalk app from the Google Play or Apple Store. Once they download the app, they can request to add your TickTalk by entering the IMEI number (which you can find in TickTalk watch under Settings). You will receive a notification for any add requests to the watch to approve or deny.

Every contact can be given individual access levels: Give Full Access to give them the same access as you, the Admin, including locating and watch settings or give Limited Access to simply allow them to message and video call the watch. 

If you have any contacts you'd like to add for voice calling who prefer not to download the app, you can simply add them as a phone book contact in your TickTalk app under Contacts. Have additional questions? Contact our Support Team here.