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How To Remove An Old TickTalk From The TickTalk App

How To Remove An Old TickTalk From The TickTalk App My TickTalk

If you have an old TickTalk you no longer use and want to remove from your TickTalk app, it’s very simple! Please, do not select Deactivate Watch as this will blacklist your device and should only be used if your TickTalk was lost or stolen.

Open your TickTalk App, select the top left contact icon from the main map screen, and select the watch you want to remove. Next, from the main map interface, select the top right gear icon for your Settings > Approved App Users, and you’ll see a red button that says Unbound. Tap Unbound to remove your watch from your parent app account, which will log you out of the app. Log back into your app account and your old watch will be gone and will only have your new watch there.

For further assistance, please contact our Support Team here.