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Screen Troubleshooting My TickTalk

Screen Troubleshooting

Why is my touch screen not responding near the edges?

If your touch screen is not responding, try cleaning the screen, pushing the icons harder, or use the red button as a back button. Try again and if the issue persists, please let us know and we can investigate further. 

Why is my watch screen frozen?

Hold the silver Power Button for 10 seconds to restart the watch and try again. If the watch screen does not unfreeze, please contact our Support Team and we can investigate further.

Why is my TickTalk performing actions or pushing buttons on its own?

Known as “ghost touch,” this is an occurrence caused by TP static electricity that can sometimes effect touch screen consumer electronics products. Ghost touch is what happens when your touch screen products perform actions by itself like reacting to non-existent button touches and opening features without prompt. You can try a few common quick fixes. If the issue persists, we’ll replace your watch free of charge. To troubleshoot, try:

Cleaning your watch touchscreen

This will help to clear away any debris, dust, or grease that can be interfering with your touchscreens response. You can clean your watch screen by using a microfiber cloth or basic alcohol wipe.

Remove the temporary screen protector

If you still have the temporary screen protector on your watch screen that was included when your item was shipped to you, try removing to improve your touchscreen’s response by carefully peeling the protector film off your watch screen.

Restart your watch

Try rebooting your watch by holding the silver button on the right hand side. You can select to reboot or power off to turn off your device. To turn back on, simply hold the silver button until you see the TickTalk logo.

Update your tOS 

If you are still experiencing the issue, please make sure your watch is upgraded to the latest tOS software update. Go into your watch Settings > OS Update to view your current tOS. You will see New Version and Click to Update if an update is available. 

Perform a system reset

If the above steps do not solve the issue, please try performing a system reset on your watch to remove any underlying software issues that may be present. Please back up all information on your TickTalk to the T-Cloud (which can be done in your parental control app under Settings) as the system reset will clear out all your saved data. Once you have backed up your data and settings, go into your watch Settings > Reset to perform the system reset. 

Still experiencing the issue? 

Please fill out our form here to request a replacement and a member of our team will reach out to you within two (2) business days with next steps. Have questions? Please contact our Support team here.