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What are the parental control features on TickTalk 4? My TickTalk

What are the parental control features on TickTalk 4?

TickTalk is designed to be a safe smartphone alternative to keep your family connected without having to sacrifice peace of mind. Parents love being able to connect to their children when they apart while also giving their child independence. TickTalk 4 comes loaded with tons of parental controls, allowing Parents/Admins to approve all watch contacts so you know exactly who is calling or your watch, enable the Firewall to block unknown numbers from contacting the watch directly, location tracking with history route options, SOS emergency contacts, disable the watch from being turned off, get alerts to any friends added, and more.

We only include features that will either promote personal connection, strengthening your child’s interpersonal communication skills, or building great habits early on like Reminders and Do Not Disturb Class Mode to promote focus and time management, our Activity Tracker to encourage living a healthier lifestyle, and more.