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Learn About Durability On Your TickTalk My TickTalk

Learn About Durability On Your TickTalk

One of the many things that makes TickTalk different from other children’s smartwatches are the hours involved in research, design, and testing. We work diligently to ensure our products are tested against a multitude of possible scenarios kids can get into with a product they’ll be using on a daily basis. Drops? Splashes? Shocks? Stickiness? You name it, we’ve probably tested it. So how does it work?

Over 60+ hour average battery life

We listened closely to customer feedback on battery life on our past generations TickTalks and addressing a longer battery life for the TickTalk 4 was one of our top priorities. We increased our capacity from a 680mAh to 1,000mAh battery, making it the largest battery in a children’s smartwatch in the world. This improved our average watch battery life to approximately 60 hours under normal usage and over 100 hours of standby time. 

While personal results will vary depending on your location, cellular coverage, feature usage, and many other factors, we’ve been pleased that the majority of our customers have experienced vastly improved battery life compared to past generations

IP67 Water Resistance 

Your TickTalk comes with IP67 water resistance to protect from minor splashes and spills. While our watches are not fully waterproof, we are consistently testing ways to redesign our watch hardware and internal structure to be more resistant to water exposure to give you the most durable experience possible. 

Can my child wear their TickTalk while swimming?

IP67 water resistance on electronic products is not designed for swimming. IP67 technology is designed to prevent damage in the case of minor water exposure. Please remove your watch before your child goes swimming.

Drop-proof, stock-proof technology

We included drop and shock-proof technology on the TickTalk 4 to protect from drops, bumps, and overall oops (which will definitely happen).

Optimized, durable external structure

We completely redesigned our watch’s external structure to be more durable than past generations. We added a raised rubber shell to protect your screen from shattering and included 5 additional frequency bands to improve national cellular coverage.

Learn more about durability with our video!