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What Steps Is TickTalk Taking To Be Sustainable? My TickTalk

What Steps Is TickTalk Taking To Be Sustainable?

We are always looking for ways to create a better life for your children and that includes doing our part to protect the planet! Our goal at TickTalk is to decrease our carbon footprint as much as possible so that our little ones can enjoy all the beauty this world has to offer. To celebrate Earth Day 2022, we’re sharing the actions we’re taking to better our planet!

Using Recyclable Materials

With less than a quarter of U.S. e-waste being recycled, we decided to craft our smartwatches with recyclable materials to prevent excess waste from filling up our landfills. We’ve even taken it a step further--for any damaged smartwatches, our team will disassemble the smartwatch to properly recycle individual components and responsibly discard any damaged parts. 

Switching To Sustainable Packaging

Alongside our e-waste practices, we’ve ensured all of our product packaging is 100% recyclable in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste. While the majority of our shipping packaging is recyclable, we are currently exploring switching to compostable shipping materials to be 100% plastic-free in all packaging materials by 2025.

Reducing E-Waste 

Global e-waste has grown 21% between 2014 and 2019 with the United States alone generating 6.92 million tons of e-waste, equivalent to 46 pounds per person! To encourage customers to responsibly recycle their electronics instead of throwing away to sit in a landfill, we created our TickTalk Trade-In program. It’s simple: you ship us your old TickTalk smartwatch, we’ll responsibly recycle it for you, and give you a $30-$40 credit towards your next TickTalk smartwatch purchase, regardless of your TickTalk’s condition or model.

We’ve even gone a step further: send us your children’s smartwatch phone in any condition, even if it isn’t TickTalk brand, we’ll take care of recycling it and give you a $30 credit to go towards upgrading to a TickTalk smartwatch. Learn more here!

Reducing our carbon footprint and being as sustainable as possible is important to our team at TickTalk. As we celebrate today, we hope to inspire others to do their part in reducing waste and creating a better world for future generations!