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How Kids Smartwatch Phones Can Keep Your Child Safe My TickTalk

How Kids Smartwatch Phones Can Keep Your Child Safe

Looking for a way to keep your child safe without giving them a cell phone? With tons of safety features, but no internet access, games, or social media, a kids smart watch phone is a great alternative! Picking a kids smartwatch that is best for your family is a personal choice, so we’ve put together a list of what you should look for to make your decision as easy as possible! 

Kids Smartwatches Have GPS Tracking

Unlike adult cell phones where you have to download a separate tracking app for your child, a kid’s tracking watch comes pre-installed with GPS location tracking. The best kids GPS trackers allow you to easily check your child’s location to know they are safe. Some kids tracker phones even come with History Routes to show you their past locations!

Phone Watches for Kids Come With Parental Controls

Kids watch phones include tons of parental controls to keep your child safe! The best kids phone watch should come with a Firewall feature to block any strangers or unknown numbers from calling your child. Some smartwatches for kids even allow parents to enable and disable individual features (like disabling watch power off, setting daily feature limits, or disabling the phone dial pad) so you can decide what features you want your child to use. 

Smart Watches for Kids Let You Approve Your Child’s Contacts

Unlike adult smartphones that allow anyone to call your child, kids phone watches let parents decide who your child can message and call. Some children’s smart watch phones only have 10 contacts, while other kids smartwatches have over 50 contacts to keep your child connected with loved ones. The best kids smartwatches will allow you to set individual access levels for each contact to keep your child safe!

Kids Smart Watches Protect Your Child’s Information 

Rather than texting on a smartphone which has limited data protection, children’s smartwatches give an added layer of privacy with in-app messaging to only allow trusted contacts to message your child with parental consent. Some kids video watches come with end-to-end encryption to scramble your child’s data and better protect their personal information from being released or hacked. 

Children’s Smartwatches Have No Internet, Games, or Social Media

Smartphones are great for adults with tons of features and apps, but can have unexpected dangers for children. A recent study found that 60% of teens have been cyberbullied and understandably 6/10 parents consider cyberbullying a major concern. With cyberbullying, phishing, online predators, and the negative effects of social media on children, kids phone watches allow your child to have a safe childrens cell phone alternative to connect safely without you having to sacrifice peace of mind.

Kids Wrist Phones Have Emergency SOS Auto-Dial

If you’re like us, one of the main reasons you want your child to have a safe cell phone alternative is in case of an emergency. Many kids phone watches come designed with automated Emergency SOS to automatically call you if your child holds down a button. By staying on their wrist, your child can easily press the button on their kids wrist phone to call you immediately.

Some Children’s Watch Phones Can Call 911

911 calling is another feature that is very important to have, but hope your child never has to use. By pressing a button sequence, your child can automatically call their local 911 dispatch directly from their emergency smartwatch phone. Some children’s smartwatches will even let you disable the feature for younger children to avoid accidentally calling 911.

Kids smart watch phones come with tons of features to keep your child safe! With parental controls, GPS tracking, safety features, and more, a childrens smart watch phone is a great way to safely introduce your child to technology and help you worry less.