As parents, our greatest fear is losing our kids. It can happen at the mall, airports or parks. We always want to keep them close to us, but sometimes they slip away. The truth is not that kids always get lost, sometimes we get lost in our everyday lives and end up disconnecting from our kids. We have to find a way connect to our kids in a more efficient way, even if it's just a quick call during our busy hours to say hi. That simple gesture can make a huge difference in a child's life. TickTalk is the best communication solution for you and your kids. 

TickTalk was researched in 2014 by XDREAM LLC in California. The TickTalk watch phone is designed for kids 4-12 years old. Our main team members have very rich experience with wearable gadgets. Most of their experience comes from working in very big companies like Apple or Samsung.

We also hope you share any ideas about TickTalk with us, so that together we can make it a better product for our sweeties!