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Ambassador Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the TickTalk Ambassador program! We’re so excited to be working together to help families around the world safely connect! Please read this agreement and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


You’ll be assigned a unique $10 off promo code to share with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors…anyone you want to share it with! Your code can be used on any qualifying TickTalk 4 smartwatch order from our website ( 

Your code cannot be:

  • Used during sales or promotions
  • Combined with other offers or codes
  • Used for accessory purchases 
  • Used for purchasing Bundles as seen on our Bundle page
  • Used on other marketplaces including Amazon or Walmart Marketplace. You code is only valid on our website (


We offer compensation based on a tiered structure. For new Ambassadors, you’ll receive 5% every time your unique code is used on qualifying TickTalk 4 smartwatch orders. Ambassador sales are tracked by the number of times your unique code is used on qualifying TickTalk 4 smartwatch orders. We’ll monitor Ambassador participation and will increase commission percentage based on performance. 

Commission payments are direct-deposited between the 20th and 31st of each month for sales made the previous month (i.e. March sales are paid in April). You must set up a payment method in our Ambassador Portal to receive payment. For any purchases made using your code, if the item is returned within the thirty (30) day return window, you will not receive commission for this order. 


Ambassadors agree to post on your social channels a minimum of 1x per month. If your code is not used at least three (3) times in a six (6) month period, we have the right to terminate the Ambassador partnership. 

TickTalk has the right to use Ambassador content on social media and paid media channels with no compensation. TickTalk will always provide photo and/or video credit as long as the social handle is available and/or clearly visible. 


Ambassadors may use their own voice, point of view, and creativity when posting about TickTalk as long as it aligns with TickTalk’s values. 


TickTalk can immediately terminate the Ambassador partnership for any reason, including but not limited to the below: 

  • Paid advertising 
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) bidding on search engines
  • Coupon code sites 
  • Spam tactics including mass emailing
  • False advertising to falsely garner more clicks
  • Featuring any explicit or adult content of any kind
  • Using racial, deragatory, hate speech, politically incorrect, sexual innuendo, or any other terms that do not align with TickTalk’s core values
  • Making false claims of TickTalk being against/for/affiliated any views that are not in line with our values

Any and all promotion taken by the Ambassador, you are responsible for the lawful operation of that marketing and TickTalk does not assume responsibility for the actions taken by the Ambassador. TickTalk has the right to amend this agreement at any point and will provide notice for any changes. 

For any questions regarding this agreement, please email