Kid Smart Watch Trade-in Program


Are you dealing with poor cellular reception from your old 2G kids smart watch? Does it randomly stop working and / or you have poor connection? It is about to get even worse. All 2G networks are scheduled to get shut down in just a few months. Once this happens your smart watch will be useless.  

Perhaps you purchased a low-budget version of a kids smart phone watch on Amazon and the quality just isn't there or even worse it never worked at all. Maybe it did work for a while but then it broke and customer service was nowhere to be found. Most likely it was a foreign company that sells these products and doesn’t honor tech support and returns or exchanges.

We have a solution for you and your child as well as the planet! Send us your old smart phone watch and we will recycle it for you and give you a $30 TickTalk coupon.

It’s good for the planet and your child will get the latest and greatest TickTalk available.

This trade-in program will allow you to send us your current kids smart watch phone, in any working condition. It must be a smartwatch that works as a cell phone.

Once received by our team you will be issued a TickTalk coupon for $30 that you can use on our official website on your purchase of a new TickTalk 3. 

*Limit one coupon per transaction.*

Please fill out this form and a copy will be sent to your inbox. You will receive an email that gives you step-by-step instructions on what to place into the return box. Please ensure that you print out that information and send it along with your trade-in.

If you do not receive this form please check your junk mail and or email us at After we receive the return, we will send you a coupon code by email. You may purchase a new TickTalk with this coupon code.

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