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Kid Smart Watch Trade-in Program


Are you dealing with poor cellular reception from your old 2G kids smart watch? Does it randomly stop working and / or you have poor connection? It is about to get even worse. All 2G networks are scheduled to get shut down in just a few months. Once this happens your smart watch will be useless.  

Perhaps you purchased a low-budget version of a kids smart phone watch on Amazon and the quality just isn't there or even worse it never worked at all. Maybe it did work for a while but then it broke and customer service was nowhere to be found. Most likely it was a foreign company that sells these products and doesn’t honor tech support and returns or exchanges.

We have a solution for you and your child as well as the planet! Send us your old smart phone watch and we will recycle it for you and give you a $30 TickTalk coupon.

It’s good for the planet and your child will get the latest and greatest TickTalk available.

This trade-in program will allow you to send us your current kids smart watch phone, in any working condition. It must be a smartwatch that works as a cell phone.

Once received by our team you will be issued a TickTalk coupon for $30 that you can use on our official website on your purchase of a new TickTalk 3. 

*Limit one coupon per transaction. Trade-in coupon code cannot be used with any other promotional offers*

Please print this form/email and ship it with your trade-in watch.

If your return does not come with this form, we may not take care of your trade-in.

If you ordered this item from Amazon please check your Amazon order history for that information. If you purchased it directly from our site and no longer have your email with order number please call customer support, number below, to get your order number.

Make sure you ship all accessories with the watch to below address, please keep the SIM card, you don’t need to ship the SIM to us.

TickTalk Customer Service
565 W. Lambert Rd.
Unit B
Brea, CA 92821

After we receive the return, we will send you a coupon code by email. You may purchase a new TickTalk with this coupon code.

Have a question? Live Chat, Email or 
Call 1-
(844) 260-4051 or 1-(714) 578-6719
Hours 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM PST (Monday-Friday)