TickTalk 1.0 and 2.0 Trade-in Program

Here at TickTalk we understand that kids outgrow tech devices quickly these days, so we are offering a trade-in for your eligible TickTalk products for credit to buy the new TickTalk 3. It’s good for the planet and your child will get the latest and greatest TickTalk available.

This trade-in program will allow you to send us your current TickTalk, in any working condition. 

The TickTalk team will process your TickTalk watch and give you a coupon for $40, regardless of when or where it was purchased.  You will be issued a TickTalk coupon that you can use on our official website on your purchase of a new TickTalk 3. *Limit one coupon per transaction.*

Please fill out this form and a copy will be sent to to your inbox. You will receive an email that gives you step-by-step instructions on what to place into the return box. Please ensure that you print out that information and send it along with your trade-in.

If you do not receive this form please check your junk mail and or email us at support@myticktalk.com. After we receive the return, we will send you a coupon code by email. You may purchase a new TickTalk with this coupon code.

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