TickTalk 3 - Carriers


1. RED POCKET (Recommended)

TickTalk is not affiliated with any wireless carriers. We only provide the free SIM kit from Red Pocket as they provide more affordable monthly plan for the TickTalk Users. 

Red Pocket is a US based pre-paid carrier, no contract, no activation fee. It's a PAY AS YOU GO plan. You can activate the SIM and credit or refill your account online. RED POCKET works with both AT&T and T-mobile, so you can choose either the AT&T or T-mobile's network through RED POCKET. This carrier provides the best deal for our users.

However, please note that this watch WILL NOT work with the RED POCKET yearly plan. We recommend the $10 monthly plan which includes 500 minutes, 500 SMS and 500MB data. There are other plans available. Please review RED POCKET website for their monthly plan.

Pick "RED POCKET ON GSMA NETWORK" for customers who want to go with Red Pocket SIM on AT&T's network. 
Pick "RED POCKET ON GSMT NETWORK" for customers who want to go with Red Pocket SIM on T-mobile's network. 
Pick "YOUR OWN LOCAL CARRIER" for customers outside of the US or customers who want to add a new line to the family plan, as you'll get the SIM from your own carrier.

Please do not take your RED Pocket SIM to ATT&T or T-Mobile. They will not be able to activate this SIM card for you. 

Follow the user manual and go to Red Pocket's website to activate the SIM and credit or refill your monthly plan. 


If you're already a T-mobile user, you can add a new line to your family plan. The watch works with T-mobile's "ONE PLAN" or "MAGENTA" which are regular phone plans with text and data which should be from $25-35 per month to add a line. 

If they are recommending a plan that is $10 per month it is most likely a wearable plan and is NOT COMPATIBLE with the watch. It's NOT COMPATIBLE with any WEARABLE, DIGITS, TABLET OR TRACKING PLAN. 

Compare your T-mobile plan to our recommended RED POCKET monthly plan, if you need to pay a lot for that, you can simply use the more affordable RED POCKET plan.

3. AT&T

If you're already an AT&T user, you can add a new line to your family plan which costs $25-35 per month. The watch only works with a regular phone plan with text and data. It's NOT COMPATIBLE with any WEARABLE, DIGITS, TABLET OR TRACKING PLAN. 

Compare your AT&T plan to our recommended RED POCKET monthly plan, if you need to pay a lot for that, you can simply use the more affordable RED POCKET plan.

*Please note that AT&T recently had an update of their system. Since the update they have automatically been putting all of our TickTalk IMEI numbers on a wearable plan. We are working on a permanent fix with AT&T, so in the interim we have a solution. We recommend that you do not show them the watch because most representatives will not understand how our watch works. 

Depending on if you go into a corporate AT&T office or sub-dealer AT&T there are a few things you can do.

  1. If in a corporate office you can ask them to setup a "dummy" IMEI number to get the new line setup. 
  2. If in a sub dealer store you can ask them to duplicate your personal phone's IMEI to setup a new line and then use the new SIM card in the watch.
  3. You can get the free phone that comes with a new line and use it as a backup phone. Take out the SIM card from new phone and place it in the watch. Please note that you will be charged taxes for the phone.

One last step. After you set up your line. Reboot the watch and go to the Settings on the watch. Scroll down and click "Edit APN" scroll down and click "NXTGENPHONE". Go back to main screen. Give it 2-3 minutes until either 3G or 4G pops up. Your watch is now set up properly.

4. Other US carriers

You have the option to choose your own preferred carrier as long as they are running on a GSM network. Some of the most popular GSM carriers are AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and SpeedTalk. 

Sprint and Verizon customers are on a CMDA network and it is NOT COMPATIBLE. We recommend you use RED POCKET. You will still be able to download the TickTalk 3 App on your phone and use it like you would any other App and it will still work with the TickTalk 3 App if you use Sprint or Verizon.


The TickTalk 3 is a 4G unlocked universal device that has already been purchased and used in over 100 countries around the world. We have also added in a feature on the TickTalk 3 that allows you to manually add in your carrier's APN code.

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Please download the compatibility sheet for more details. All carrier and frequency band data is collected online and it's recommended that customers outside the U.S. check the frequency band with local carrier before purchasing. Ensure that the product will work properly.